Feeling Better!

I’m feeling better today, I stayed home and rested, (mostely slept.) I was going to go to church with Melissa but decided not to, as I was still pretty tired. I still do have a bit of a headache, will try and deal with that when I’m at the doctor tomorrow, among other things.
I did have some people come from the LDS church to pray for me this afternoon. There were a couple missionaries that came to my door a couple months ago, and they were too nice to turn away, so I let them in. I ended up visiting their church but really don’t agree with a lot of their beliefs and the way they do things. I did say yes to getting baptized into the church though, because I thought the missionaries would be pleased with me. I didn’t want to be baptized and had no intention of joining the church, but I did enjoy learning about their beliefs.

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