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Last week and next.

I managed to get on the elliptical 3 times last week, yay! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to make it to church today, we’re going to try a different church next week. I’ve been reading the bible every day since Thursday, (since my monthly challenge started.) A friend of mine and I started reading Two Steps Forward, the second book in the Sensible shoes series.
I’m really excited about the Olympics coming up! I’m going to be using my Antenna and a Hulu live subscription that I haven’t purchased yet. They’ll give me a free trial for the first week, but after that I have to pay $39.99. I’ll do this so I can have access to the service for a month, then cancel it. NBC is doing a strange thing this time, and starting the Olympics with the competition, instead of the opening ceremony. Why they’re doing this, I have no idea, most likely it’s because there’s too much going on and not enough time to show it lol.

Monthly challenge for February.

This month, I’m making bible reading my monthly challenge. In the past I’ve managed to read two or three times a week, and I’d like to commit to doing it more often. Today I started by finishing Ecclesiastes. My Kindle for PC says I’m about 41% complete.
I’m also still doing my 90 day journaling challenge. I’ve been doing pretty well, considering I had to skip the days I was in the hospital, and the few days after that that I was home recovering with a bad headache. I’d like to make the lists of 10 things more often, (usually I just write about what happened that day in my journal,) I think I’m going to make that next month’s challenge.