Last week and next.

I managed to get on the elliptical 3 times last week, yay! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to make it to church today, we’re going to try a different church next week. I’ve been reading the bible every day since Thursday, (since my monthly challenge started.) A friend of mine and I started reading Two Steps Forward, the second book in the Sensible shoes series.
I’m really excited about the Olympics coming up! I’m going to be using my Antenna and a Hulu live subscription that I haven’t purchased yet. They’ll give me a free trial for the first week, but after that I have to pay $39.99. I’ll do this so I can have access to the service for a month, then cancel it. NBC is doing a strange thing this time, and starting the Olympics with the competition, instead of the opening ceremony. Why they’re doing this, I have no idea, most likely it’s because there’s too much going on and not enough time to show it lol.

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