Stuff I’ve been up to recently.

Well today I took a trip to the dentist. I think I enjoyed my stay in the hospital more than I’d ever enjoy going to the dentist! I absolutely hate that place! Thankfully, I just had to have a cleaning done today. I canceled the other appointment on Wednesday, which was for fillings, I really don’t want to have those done at all.
On a completely unrelated note, I have yet to pick a book for this month. I was rereading Atlas Shrugged and that took about 3 weeks, (yeah the book is long!) Thing is, I really can’t decide what to read next after that!
I’ve been setting up lots of WP sites, I think I’ve set up 6 so far, and if I decide to put my linkblog back on WP after the cool plugin I found that lets you actually link to the page, instead of the URL of the post, that will be 7. yep, I now have 7 blogs! I think Twitter actually hates me now, because well… I keep spamming them with my blog tweets, lol. I think I’m going to spend tomorrow writing most of the posts for the week, so I can get them scheduled, since writing several posts daily is kind of interesting.

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