Update on my 2018 goals.

I actually have several goals in progress, and 3 complete so far.
42. Make a list of books I would like to read this year, to make choosing books easier, instead of the almost 500 books I have in my TBR list over on Goodreades.) Done February 2018. The list has 16 books on it so I’d say I’m finished lol.
25. Cut out as much TV as I can, replace with podcasts, reading, (books or articles,) and worship/praise music.) Completed March, 2018. Actually, I’ve been doing this since I canceled my cable last December, with the exception of the Olympics. Other than that I only stream about 3-4 shows online per week.
24. Start 3 more blogs. Done February/March, 2018. Actually, I went and started like 5, lol.
IN progress:
1. Read 1 book a month, besides the bible. I’ve actually been doing really well at this one. I’m on my 3rd book for the year!
8. Do one new thing a month, no matter how small. January was my first ambulance ride, and last month I bought 7 domains all at once, no I have no idea what I’ll be doing this month!
39. Read scripture daily, even if it’s just one verse! I’ve done fairly well at this, especially with my challenge last month!
Turns out, I failed to observe Lent because I really wasn’t paying attention to when it started, and how early Easter was. Guess I failed one goal for this year already.

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