Survey answers.

I’m way, way late on posting this! However I said I would so here it goes. I posted a survey-ish thingy over on DailyQuestions a couple days ago. I said I’d post the answers here and I just hadn’t got around to it.

  1. What’s your favorite season? I’m a spring and fall person. Don’t get me wrong, I do like all the summer food! I also really enjoy snow, (probably since we don’t get it here all that much,) but I pretty much like in between weather. I don’t like it freezing cold, or extremely hot.
  2. What’s your goal today? Lol well when I was posting this, that was a good question. The goal was to get that posted hah! Now I suppose the goal is to finish this post and eventually hit the bed.
  3. When was the last time you were up all night? Lol It was last Friday night, (or it could’ve been Thursday.) I had a major case of “don’t want to go to bed!” syndrome, so I stayed up all night surfing.
  4. Have you ever considered joining the military? I considered it when I was in high school, unfortunately they wouldn’t take me because of my blindness, and now I wouldn’t ever do it.
  5. What kinds of cereal do you have in your home right at this very moment? Corn flakes and checks, I think. Oh yeah and maybe some Cheerios.

If you want to have some fun answering these questions, you can go right here, and play along.

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