B is for Birthdays.

Several people I know have birthdays this month. My niece turns 6 on the 5th, she’ll be going into first grade next year! My dad turns 70 on the 30th, lol wow don’t tell him I said anything! I have a couple friends who have birthdays this month, happy birthday Mark and Kim!
I was actually going to take this time to write about my big birthday. I’ll be turning 35 on August 25th. Then I realized I really didn’t know what to write about when it came to that whole thing just yet, so I decided to wish a happy birthday to everyone I know who has birthdays this month!
We’re going to have my niece’s birthday party this weekend. I asked her if she was excited when I saw her last Thursday, and she said she was. Of course, what kid isn’t excited about Pizza, cake and presents?


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