C is for Chicken salad and coffee.

My caregiver and I made chicken salad today. This happened because a few weeks ago she said she was having chicken salad for dinner, and I basically said I wanted some. We went shopping on Friday for the ingredients, lol yeah, they’re still fresh! We got the salad in a bag, chicken of course, mushrooms, tomatos for the side, cheese, and celery. I told her that I think next time I want to put eggs and either broccoli or cauliflower in it.
C is also for coffee. I do enjoy the occasional cup of coffee in the morning, probably about once or twice a week. I’m not one of those fansy Latte drinkers or anything like that, I take my coffee black. Usually I just end up drinking water and/or poweraid in the morning though, because I never want to wait for anything when I get up. I suppose I could set up the coffee the night before, but then it sits in the pot and I don’t particularly like that.

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