H is for headaches and hospital.

In case you’re really, really new to this here blog and don’t know, I get headaches often. Like almost every day often, fortunately though, they’ve been a bit less severe over the past couple weeks and I’ve been able to deal with them. I was going to have botox treatments done, but my insurance declined it and my neurologist ended up closing her practice so I’m unable to do the appeal right now.
Also for those of you who don’t know, last January I went into the hospital. I got really, really sick, my blood pressure got extremely low, and I thought I was headed to heaven. I ended up staying in ICU while I was there, that’s how bad it was. The doctors there said I had an infection, but they never were able to find the source. We think what happened is that my low blood pressure was triggered by a really bad headache I’d had for about a week and a half. I wasn’t really eating a whole lot during that time.

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