L is for LastPass and Linklocker.

Both of these are services I use on a daily basis, and I highly recommend both of them! LastPass, is my password manager of choice. I have it installed on all my browsers, (except IE, which I only use if something won’t work in anything else.) I even have it installed on Edge which I usually never use. I’ve never paid for lastPass, although they do have a premium subscription. I’ve thought about getting around to that one of these days. I started using it at the beginning of last year, and now I can’t remember any passwords, nope, I wouldn’t be able to do much of anything without lastPass!
Linklocker, is well it’s a service for storing links. I use it as a kind of save for later service, but then I also use it as an archive for recipes and other things. Linklocker is $12 per year, and it’s worth that and then some! Since I started using it back in March of last year I’ve saved almost 4000 links!

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