M is for M&Ms and mail.

I just came up with M&Ms on the spot lol. M is one of the letters I had a harder time with for some reason.
I really enjoy M&Ms! They’re probably one of my favorite candies, and I have quite a few! I like the plain, the peanut, the almond, and peanut butter the best. I’ve tried pretzel and it’s cool but weird. I’ve tried coffee nut and coffee and M&Ms is not a good mix for me. I’ve tried the carmel and again they just don’t go well together. I’m not one of those people that thinks each color has a different flavor, they all taste the same!
M is also for mail. I actually hate getting snail mail and enjoy email, texts, or Facebook messages, (although I don’t have messenger on my phone anymore, and that’s a long story!) I actually had to restore my phone last week and lost everything because the backup got corrupt somehow. I mainly get junk mail, so I really can’t stand getting paper mail lol. If you’re going to send a card please send a tweet/FB messages/email/text instead. Or do the old-fashioned thing and call me. It probably won’t get to me on time anyway since I usually only check the mail once every couple weeks.

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