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Today’s my birthday!

I turned 35 today, (wow I can’t believe it!) Mom and dad got me a new router so I don’t have to keep paying for the one from my ISP! We went out to dinner and I had prime rib and it was epic! Well I liked it anyway.
So far today I had 2 glasses of wine, and most of a 23 ounce Mike’s hard Lemonade. Lol now I feel weightless. Almost like the way I felt under nitrous hah. Alcohol can achieve that effect, if you drink enough. Lol but not too much, because then other not-so-nice stuff happens. Other than that, I didn’t really do much today. Responded to a lot of posts on Facebook etc. Yeah I’m still there and I’m going to stay until they ban me hah.

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A week of epic projects!

I started off this morning cohosting a Christian internet radio show on 95 the mix, which is an internet radio station. Melissa came in the afternoon, and she made the most epic corn flake crusted chicken breasts stuffed with cheese. Oh and cauliflower, broccoli, and cheese to go along with it, with lots of garlic which makes it epic! I had her take a picture of the epicness when it was all stuffed and fried, so I’ll try to attach that.
On Wednesday we’re going to start making white chocolate peanut butter cake. It’s going to be a 2 day affair, mostly because the filling has to chill for at least 4 hours. On Friday I’m ordering Chinese food, and on Saturday I’m most likely going to dinner with my family. I told mom I wanted prime rib so we’re going somewhere to get that.

Birthday wishes.

Lol not that anyone will get me anything and that’s perfectly cool with me! I thought I’d post some things I’ve been wanting for my birthday lately.
A new phone is one of them. My phone is 4 years old and is crashy as all get out lol! I also need a new chair for my desk, this one is also around 4 years old. I usually get a new chair every 3 years because I destroy chairs.
There are things I’d like to do but can’t afford, of course. I’d love to go skydiving or bungee jumping again! I’ve made a wish that I really want prime rib, because ya know… I’m turning 35, but that will probably freak the parents out because they’ll say it’s too expensive. I’m also thinking I’m going to make a cake this year but I better get my crap together and come up with a recipe, because we’re going grocery shopping again at the end of this week. One more thing, I also want someone to help me through a Linux install etc. I’d like to learn Linux, if not just for fun, but I need to go through the install process first.

Nope, I didn’t make it to the end.

The stream ended up taking a 5 and a half hour long technical break last night, (which is really unnecessary, especially in the middle of an event with people watching.) I got frustrated with waiting and ended up going to bed around 1 something, mostly because they didn’t start on time.
That would’ve been around hour 35 for them, if they were going straight through, (only taking short process breaks. It was around hour 41 for me, because I was up 6 hours before the stream actually started.

28 and counting!

I just had dinner, (left over pizza,) so that was pretty epic. Lol when I was getting my pizza out of the fridge, I was moving something else down to another shelf. It was on top of the pizza box, so it got stuck. I started laughing hilariously lol, it’s still funny! After that I went to send a text and Siri said put the car in park. I laughed even more after that. Lol I’m still having laughing fits!
Right now they’re taking a technical break to switch the stream etc. You can only stream a few hours at a time on Youtube, and then it has to be switched. There’s also video rendering involved. I know absolutely nothing about this! All I know is videos have to be rendered and processed.

Status update hour 23.

I finished lunch about an hour ago. Yay for having lunch! You guys, I can’t believe we’re almost done with the first 24 hours! Right now, they’re taking an hour long technical break, which is kind of like cheating, isn’t it? Oh well, it gives me time to well um… do the stuff I haven’t been doing for the past 23 hours. I have a lot of articles to ready from the past day, I might take some time to catch up on those, or I might just leave them until after the stream. Taking an hour break isn’t something I recommend while partaking in a long event. I know this is kind of random and since we’re at hour 23 maybe it should be. That long of a break will stop any event flow. This means that everyone will have to stop what they’re doing and get back into things after the break is over. Shorter breaks are best because you can just get up, stretch real quick, grab something, and get back to the event.

What? Are you telling me I’m behind?

OK OK yeah I understand I was supposed to do this last hour. So far I’ve counted that I’ve tweeted 125 times on Antipentrap, and 17 times on my personal account. I’ve posted to Facebook 7 times which is a lot more than I ever post normally! I also took some time to take care of a couple bills during one of the breaks.
I’ve already had breakfast, and just realized that I should really take my morning meds, (woops!) I ate around 6, so I’ll probably be having a snack soon. I tend to eat every 3-4 hours during long events. Yay for making it through the first night! We still have 33 hours to go.

Quick update as we approach hour 12!

So instead of writing it out, I did myself a favor last hour and recorded it. Not that I don’t like writing them out, but breaks are short and I’m not wanting to fall behind, it’s not always easy to catch back up. Besides being really, really loopy last hour, I had Pepsi and spuds about an hour before that. I just remembered to take nighttime medications, (woops!)

Status update for hour 7.

It’s 11:07 here, and normally I would go to bed around 12. Needless to say I’m getting to the tired point. No worries though, I have a feeling I’ll get my 2nd wind in an hour or 2. It’s the 3rd, 4th, and the 5th that I’m somewhat worried about.
I did have pizza! It was worth the hour and a half wait for delivery, (it was quite epic!) So far, I’ve tweeted 44 times, and posted on Facebook 3. I’ll probably post this status update over there. I plan on making coffee in a couple hours, so we’ll see how that goes. I really do enjoy the taste of coffee during long events!

Status check at break #3.

At this point we’re 3 hours into the live online vigil for Julian Assange. So far we’ve had 3 epic interviews from all sides of the political spectrum, I’ve tweeted 25 times, (@antipentrap,) and posted on Facebook twice. I’m about to do the traditional thing I usually during long events, yep, I’m about to order pizza!
Earlier today, Melissa and I had an extremely effective round of Supermarket Sweep, and we were back here with 40 minutes to spare, and we even got lunch! I also recorded
this quick pre-flight recording. I’ll do one at the end for comparison, so you can hear what I sound like after 50 hours.