Today and tomorrow’s plans.

This morning I went to bed at around 4, so I could start adjusting to starting a 50 hour event at 4 in the afternoon on Friday. Usually, I tend to participate in events that start around 5-7 in the morning pacific time. My plan was to get up around 12 or 12:30. That was ruined when at almost 11, my sister came knocking on my door asking if I was OK. It was nice for her to check on me, but my first thought was noooooo, I’m not supposed to be awake yet!!! I probably should’ve told her what the plans were.
Unfortunately, I get the pleasure of going grocery shopping tomorrow, which is unavoidable. I actually do normally like grocery shopping, but tomorrow it’s going to be a bit of a race. I’m doing the whole go to bed at 4, and sleep in until 12 or 12:30 process again. This time, I did tell my sister what’s happening so she doesn’t worry.
I’ll get up just in time to grab something to eat, take meds, and get ready. Melissa should be here around 1 or 1:15. . After that, it’s off to the store to play a round of Supermarket Sweep! Hopefully, if all goes well, we should be back around 2:45.

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