Status update hour 23.

I finished lunch about an hour ago. Yay for having lunch! You guys, I can’t believe we’re almost done with the first 24 hours! Right now, they’re taking an hour long technical break, which is kind of like cheating, isn’t it? Oh well, it gives me time to well um… do the stuff I haven’t been doing for the past 23 hours. I have a lot of articles to ready from the past day, I might take some time to catch up on those, or I might just leave them until after the stream. Taking an hour break isn’t something I recommend while partaking in a long event. I know this is kind of random and since we’re at hour 23 maybe it should be. That long of a break will stop any event flow. This means that everyone will have to stop what they’re doing and get back into things after the break is over. Shorter breaks are best because you can just get up, stretch real quick, grab something, and get back to the event.

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