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I went to church!

I did end up making it to church on Sunday! The bus driver called me around 9;30 to tell me he’d be picking me up at 10. I hadn’t been to church for like a month or so, so I definitely enjoyed it! Since it was just me on the bus, the bus driver took me to mcDonalds afterwards so I could get lunch hah. I asked if he would and he said yeah, and I was like wait, are you serious?
When I used to go to church there, we’d talk about going out to lunch all the time. That was when there were still people riding on the bus besides just me.

Church and stuff.

I called my old church today, to ask if they still offered bus transport. I kept forgetting to do this. I was supposed to do it last week, lol! They said they’re still doing the bus thing. Hopefully they’ll be able to get someone to pick me up Sunday. If not, it will have to be next week.
Melissa took a job on the weekends, and her and I were going to church together. She’s working Sunday mornings now, so that’s pretty much impossible.

Life happens, and then there’s blogging.

Lol the title just randomly came to my head. I’m still waiting on my lab results from the doctor’s office. It’s been about a week and a half now! I did call them last week, and they said the doctor hadn’t reviewed them yet. OK, it takes a week and a half to review lab results? Since when?
I never posted when this happened, but I’m now back on my desktop system! Unfortunately I made the mistake of disabling everything in MSConfig, and when Melissa and I went to try to go back in and fix it, we couldn’t get in there. Let’s just say there were lots of errors. Melissa’s husband came and fixed it! I bribed him with his favorite energy drinks. We went to the store on Friday to pick up said drinks, and I got myself some too. They actually taste like Sprite.
Unfortunately though I’m not able to use my headset with the system for some reason. I went to get on Skype with a friend yesterday, and it just wouldn’t work. The headset still works with my laptop, so I know it’s not broken. I may end up doing a reset/recovery sometime soon afterall.
Meanwhile, I managed to set up my first discussion group. It’s for sharing all the links you find cool or interesting in your travels across the web. It’s called LinkShare, and it can be found right here. So far there are 4 members including me, but I’m the only one posting. I need some one to come in and post a time or 2 lol! I also managed to resurrect my Subreddit from my old account that I thought I was locked out of but turns out I had the right email address on there the entire time. The sub is /r/blogplatforms OK, I think I’m done with the long post, lol.

Crazy days are fun sometimes!

They definitely can be, that’s for sure. I had to go have repeat lab tests done. My blood sugar levels were elevated when I had my last labs, not only that but my potassium was low. My doctor put me on a prescription and then told me to repeat the test… 5 days before the appointment! You’re kidding, right? A couple of those days just happened to fall on my birthday weekend. He also asked me to fast, and only drink water. We didn’t have time when we were in the area on Wednesday for the appointment, so we went today instead.
Water fasting is extremely hard! My standard procedure is to fast for lab tests so that I make sure to drink more than I usually would. I have issues with my veins, they can be extremely small and hard to find. I never usually water fast, though. I’ll usually end up drinking some kind of warm drink in the morning either coffee or tea, and a Powerade-like thing at some point during the day. I might have a couple of those. I do stick to Powerade 0, which is supposed to be better, but probably not the best thing lol.
Melissa came to get me at around 11:15 to go to the lab. We got there, and when the receptionist looked at the orders, she didn’t see anything about elevated sugar levels in them. She sent us over to my doctor’s office, (which was literally just around the corner,) to get everything straightened out. The doctor wasn’t in today, but his assistant told us that the adrenal panel he ordered does have a blood sugar test in it. We had no idea, and neither did the lab receptionist. The wait lasted way too long, especially if you’ve been fasting all morning!
While we were waiting, Melissa discovered she had lost her phone. She asked the receptionists if it was up there, and it wasn’t. We knew she had it with her when she came in, because she took a call. To make a long story short, she set it down on the counter at the doctor’s office while dealing with the papers and such.
After that we went to Taco Bell for lunch, which was the best place to break a fast! Her husband met us there so he could have lunch too. While we were on the way there, her traction control light came on in her car. She did have an accident last weekend, so most likely the alignment is off because of that. When I got into the car I think I was getting a bit disoriented from the fasting, because I accidentally opened the front passeneger door that’s damaged from the wreck, instead of the back door. I heard a click and I was like um… whoa what was that? She was like um no wrong door. . While the light was coming on I told her that I probably broke the car, which I thought was funny because I told her I could break it um… I mean fix it for her earlier.
When we were on the way to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription that it turned out they had but never filled, my mom called and asked where I was. I didn’t want to give her too many details. She told me she was going to come over and cut my hair. She also had a birthday card for me from my Grandma. Before she came Melissa and I worked on uninstalling the evil thing that is Avast. Unfortunately it comes with Ccleaner, and that’s the program that I like to use as an uninstaller. I never have my mouse plugged in, because I never use it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it, which I thought was rather hilarious! I was trying to show Melissa simulated clicks and things with the keyboard. They really didn’t work with Avast, which is why it’s kind of evil. Not only that but it really does mess with sound settings, or at least it used to when I accidentally installed it several years ago. Of course that was a situation where for some stupid reason, I couldn’t uncheck the box that they put there to not have it installed.
After Melissa left, I thought I could play with startup delayers and maybe do a manual uninstall thingy that way. Unfortunately startup delayer didn’t work all that well for me. I did the stupid thing and went into MSConfig! I’ve used this before quite a bit back in the XP days, and a bit with Windows Seven. It’s kind of a nightmare on 10, however, because it just gives you the list of services and then either says disable everything or enable everything. I tried only disabling the Avast services, but I think it got everything instead, blah! Needless to say, I’m writing this from my laptop right now, which is sort of trying to install 1803, but not really.