Life happens, and then there’s blogging.

Lol the title just randomly came to my head. I’m still waiting on my lab results from the doctor’s office. It’s been about a week and a half now! I did call them last week, and they said the doctor hadn’t reviewed them yet. OK, it takes a week and a half to review lab results? Since when?
I never posted when this happened, but I’m now back on my desktop system! Unfortunately I made the mistake of disabling everything in MSConfig, and when Melissa and I went to try to go back in and fix it, we couldn’t get in there. Let’s just say there were lots of errors. Melissa’s husband came and fixed it! I bribed him with his favorite energy drinks. We went to the store on Friday to pick up said drinks, and I got myself some too. They actually taste like Sprite.
Unfortunately though I’m not able to use my headset with the system for some reason. I went to get on Skype with a friend yesterday, and it just wouldn’t work. The headset still works with my laptop, so I know it’s not broken. I may end up doing a reset/recovery sometime soon afterall.
Meanwhile, I managed to set up my first discussion group. It’s for sharing all the links you find cool or interesting in your travels across the web. It’s called LinkShare, and it can be found right here. So far there are 4 members including me, but I’m the only one posting. I need some one to come in and post a time or 2 lol! I also managed to resurrect my Subreddit from my old account that I thought I was locked out of but turns out I had the right email address on there the entire time. The sub is /r/blogplatforms OK, I think I’m done with the long post, lol.


  • furreekatt

    Hi! Here from Reddit. Just had a look at your post archive – wow, good on you for being regular since 2009! That’s the kind of consistency I hope to achieve.

    Hope you get your lab test results soon.

    Best wishes,


  • hope

    Hi Furree, Everywhere I go I take my content with me. I’ve probably switched between different platforms with this blog at least 3-4 times. Each time, I take the file that the platform I’m using gives me with my posts in it and import to the other service. I’ve actually been blogging since 2003, so this is my 15th year!
    I hope I get my lab results soon as well!

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