Things I’ve done before my 35th birthday, day 1.

I wrote these down as they came to me so they aren’t in any particular order. I’m randomizing them even more by posting them in a different order than I wrote them down.
The first thing I want to talk about is moving out of my parent’s house. With the help of Section 8 rental assistance, I was able to move out in 2006, just about 2 and a half months after turning 23. In fact, it will be 12 years ago next month. I moved into a different apartment back in 2015, which is another post in itself because of the chaos it caused. Now, the housing authority is saying they’re going to terminate my rental assistance because my sister has been working here for about a year. Unfortunately because I wasn’t able to get my mail on time, (my caregiver had to take a week off because she was injured,) I missed my chance for a hearing. All this to say that I might be thrown out into the street just after this challenge is over. I really have nowhere else to go. My sister doesn’t have any room in her house, and my parent’s house isn’t done yet. If my services are terminated I’ll be prevented from reapplying for 5 years.

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