31 Things I’ve done before 35 day 2.

Yesterday that I mentioned that I switched apartments. I didn’t actually finish telling that story, so here it goes.
I moved out of my old place in 2015, because of an incident that my caregiver and I had when we were on the way back from grocery shopping. to make a long story short, we didn’t realize the basement floor was wet and when she was going to get one of the carts for groceries, she made a small outline in the floor with her shoe. It was an incident that blew up into epic proportions, and I was more than ready to move out!
I ended up staying in my parent’s house for about 3 weeks. This is something that I’m praying won’t happen again. While we mostly got along, there were definitely some issues because of my mom’s personality. Even my dad flipped out at me over something really small at one point.
When we started to move my stuff into the new apartment, mom insisted everything be done her way. She wouldn’t listen to any suggestions I was making on where to put things. When I asked Melissa to rearange some things in the kitchen, mom got all upset with me and left. That caused a 3 month feud that resulted in me seeing a counselor for a while. I’m praying I won’t have to leave here for a while longer. I really don’t want anymore family disasters, especially when there’s only a couple months to go before Christmas.

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