31 things before 35 5.

So I don’t fall further behind I’m doing a second post today. Although tomorrow is Unity4J vigil day so who know’s if I’ll actually be able to stay on track.
In this post I’m going to talk about something obvious. I graduated from high school when I was 17, so that was way before my 35th birthday this year. It might be obvious for many of you, but there weren’t many people in my life who thought I’d be able to graduate. Unfortunately, because my school district wanted to institutionalize me at the state school for the blind for 3 years, I was only allowed to receive a modified diploma at the time of graduation.
I was able to pick up my diploma after I left OSB in 2004. I actually never got it until 2005. I guess you could say I really didn’t technically graduate until then. Unfortunately, to do this they had to give me an incomplete on the final in one of my classes. This happened to be my senior health class which I really didn’t want it to be that one. It turns out that I actually ended up getting an A on the final.

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