Things before 35 6.

OK I’m doing the sixth post first because yesterday was day 6. As I said I thought I would get behind because yesterday was vigil day. Not only that but I’ve been sick most of last week.
Speaking of yesterday’s vigil, I thought I’d talk about how I came to follow and support Wikileaks. This was back in December 2010, so 8 of the 12 years WL has been in existence. There’s really no way to explain it other than to say I had one of those revelatory moments. Ya know, those things where something just kind of comes to you all of a sudden. It’s like you should’ve known that all a long but you just realized it right then.
Back in Dec 2010 when Wikileaks had just started releasing some of the diplomatic cables, (or, cablegate as it’s colloquially known). This was back when Julian Assange was first arrested for what we’ll just call the Swedish allegations. This was also during the time that the credit card companies and PayPal were starting to block Wikileaks from taking donations.
I suppose I should explain what the epiphany or as I like to call it “revelation,” was. I still remember the exact day this took place, it was 12/9/2010. I happened to be watching CNN as I used to, and a story about Wikileaks came up. I don’t remember what the story was. Before this day, I was fairly neutral on the whole thing. All of a sudden I thought something like wait, if Wikileaks is trying to provide transparency and expose government corruption, which is exactly what the mission of WL is, then it’s a good thing. The idea of over-classification never occurred to me at the time.
I’ve been following WL for 8 years now. I donate when I have extra money, which unfortunately lately hasn’t been all that often. I enjoy the Unity4J monthly vigils and I try to do as much tweeting and spreading the links as I can. Of course I wish I could do more, but unfortunately I don’t live in a big city, and transportation to go to any street event is an issue.

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