13 random things.

.If I can come up with 13. I haven’t done TT(Thursday 13, for anyone wondering,) for a while now but I have a lot to post about!

  1. I won my section 8 hearing! I didn’t actually think this was going to happen, not a chance! Mostly because ya know, it’s the federal government.
  2. While we were in the hearing, I happened to ask the hearings officer, (not a judge, not even a magistrate!) why they thought my services needed to be terminated. He said it was because of what the inspectors saw in my spare bedroom. My sister did have some Christmas gifts stored there from last year, etc. I asked if that was all it was and he said yes. So basically, if the inspectors have even a little bit of suspicion that a second person is living living with you, you’re done, even though she most definitely was not living with me and we provided a rental agreement!
  3. Being sick is absolutely the pits! I woke up Tuesday morning feeling way worse than I ever felt during the entire week and a half or so I’ve been sick. I’m starting to wonder if I need to take a trip to the doctor.
  4. Melissa and I went out to breakfast this morning. Like actually went in, sat down, and had a full breakfast. I told her scrambled eggs, diced ham, and french toast sounded pretty epic. Since I haven’t really felt like ordering pizza or anything, it was a way to celebrate Monday’s events.
  5. After that we went grocery shopping. I got a whole bunch of extra stuff that I don’t usually get like soups and frozen pizzas.
  6. I had my home care assessment last week. The state has changed their policies concerning some of the things that make me eligible for services, it’s possible that after the policy analysts make their decision, I won’t be eligible for in-home care anymore.
  7. This is mostly because I can pretty much do all the personal care things that would qualify me such as getting up and down from a chair, etc.
  8. If I turn out to not be eligible, I fully intend to have another hearing. Hmm I don’t know if I’ll win that one or not, we’ll just have to see!
  9. I got so behind with my Write 31 Days challenges from being sick that at this point, I’m going to give them up. I might decide to do some next month, but I’d like to not be sick first.
  10. I also skipped co-hosting the Christian radio show last Monday because I wanted to get extra rest for the hearing.
  11. I’ll definitely be there this Monday, though.
  12. Unfortunately, I have a dentist appointment Monday afternoon, to get fillings. Blah I hate, absolutely detest being numbed!
  13. After I’m numb I can’t usually eat for like 6-8 hours afterwards because they have to give me so much anesthetic.

OK I think I pretty much talked about everything.


  • Jae

    You’ve had a really wild week! Congratulations on the section 8, and boo! (but also kind of yay?) for the dentist. I hope the appointment goes well. I have one set for next week, but hopefully it won’t be eventful.

    I’m not sure if this link will work or not, but have you read “Rising: Strategies for the Broke, the At-Risk, and Those Who Love Them”? http://a.co/d/fc2k6IT

    It covers all kinds of things, like how to get aid. It’s available as Kindle Unlimited, if you have that. It might be available to check out electronically through a library, but I’m not totally sure of that.

    Visiting from Thursday 13.

    • hope

      I don’t have Kindle unlimited, and no I haven’t read and/or heard of that book. Thanks for the link! Boo for the dentist because no Nitrous! Lol I can’t stand going to the dentist, but I absolutely love nitrous!


    Well, I can relate, having dealt with chronic fatigue for 30 something years. But thankfully I’m not bedridden but sure know the bed and haven’t been able to work more than a little part time. I hope you do more 13 Thursdays!

    • hope

      I fully intend to do more TT, but the problem is I get into a cycle where I can’t come up with something to write 13 things about lol.

  • CountryDew

    If people really understood what it takes to get assistance from the government, they would shut up about it. I have never been through the process myself but as a news reporter I wrote about it occasionally so I saw firsthand how very difficult it is to be where you are. I hope that things work out for you and that you manage ok. Take care and rest. And thank you for participating in Thursday 13.

  • Hope

    Unfortunately assistance from the government is the only way I can live on my own. I’m libertarian myself so I understand where people are coming from, but if it’s the only thing you have to rely on, you really don’t have a choice. I’m grateful for the assistance, and don’t believe that society owes me anything. We aren’t promised are next breath here on this earth, let alone a nice place to live, food to eat, etc.

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