Goals for the month, 7 quick takes.

I have exactly 7 goals on this month’s to-do list, so I’ll use that for my 7 quick takes for today.

  1. Complete NaBloPoMo. This one is pretty self-explanatory, I think.
  2. Decide if I’m doing Christmas or not. I really can’t afford it, but if I don’t participate, people in my family will make a huge drama over it.
  3. If I decide I’m doing Christmas, finish my wishlist.
  4. Get a haircut.
  5. Decide which Kindle books I’m getting this month. I’m going to give myself the ability to get 2 out of the 4 books on my list I want to read like right now.
  6. Figure out our Thanksgiving plans. If I need to bring something, I’ll probably need to know at least a week ahead of time.
  7. Try instacart. Like actually order something, and see what happens.

On a somewhat related note, the state has made a decision regarding my home care eligibility. I do automatically qualify for state plan personal care, since I’ve been disabled from birth. State plan” is what I had from 2006 to November of 2010. The caseworker I had at the time, who I like to call MR. leaky pants, (no, he doesn’t actually have leaky pants, but he did leak some of my information,) somehow thought it would be cool to say I was eligible for services I never should’ve actually qualified for. Why he never got in trouble, I have no idea. State plan personal care is 20 hours per month, 5 hours per week.


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