The meaning behind the blog name.

For my post for NaBloPoMo today, I’m going to explain the meaning behind my blog’s name. You might think it’s actually simple, and well it kind of is, and kind of isn’t.
I blog under a pseudonym, “Hope” is not my real name. I do this mostly because I can’t stand my legal, given name. Last year, I decided to change my domain to reflect the fact that I really didn’t want to blog under my real name anymore. No, it wasn’t for privacy reasons, I just never came to terms with the name my parents gave me. I knew I wanted to get a .blog domain, and this one was available!
I suppose it just means that this blog holds all my thoughts, which really isn’t the case. Although I do it sparingly these days I still tweet on my personal account @hopeslife83, I also have an account for my political-centric tweets, since most people probably don’t want to read the ravings of a libertarian, hah.
I did try using to create a micro blog. However, I ended up just putting all my feeds there. Although I have yet to put my Twitter feeds there. RSS makes it easy to do this, even though Twitter doesn’t really want me to lol.

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