An anniversary that I forgot about last week.

It was actually on the 2nd. How’d I skip it? That’s the day I first moved out of my parents house 12 years ago. All I really remember is that I got the keys on the 2nd. I don’t believe I moved in until 3-4 days later. No, I don’t actually know the exact date.
The very first thing we did was set up my internet. I made sure this was the case when I moved into this apartment as well. Back in 2006, it was not common to use a phone to get online. People did it, but it was pretty rare. Now I suppose I’m old-fashion, but I don’t like to use my phone for that. I will if I’m in a pinch, and need to look up something quickly, or check emails, (if I absolutely have to.) Otherwise I use regular, wired cable internet. Of course I do have WI-FI for my other devices, but that’s as far as it goes. Once in a while I’ll pull up some music on my phone while I’m in my bedroom. That being said it’s mainly for my laptop.
The next thing we did, after some difficulty with setting up the connection, is to move all the furniture in of course. Grocery shopping, and getting extra necessities followed in the next couple days. I remember the first day it was just me, without my mom yelling at me about literally everything. That night happened to be election night, I watched returns without dad flipping the channel or mom telling me to go somewhere else. . I just remember that exciting feeling that comes with freedom, which comes with not living with your parents especially.

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