Morning routine.

I planned some ideas for when I wasn’t feeling well or just wanted to get the blogging done fairly quickly. This is one of those.
My morning routine, if I don’t spend all night online which I did last night lol! Yep, I still do that , is to get up anywhere between 5 and 7:30. Except on Mondays, because I co-host a Christian radio show Monday mornings starting at 4 AM Pacific, so I have to be up early. My first decision is what to have to drink. Sometimes it’s a coffee morning, and sometimes hot tea sounds good. If I just want to get on with things I’ll grab some water, usually.
I usually start with a combination of email and Twitter first. A lot of devotionals come through my email, and I’m on a lot of Christian lists. I also follow a lot of Christian Twitter accounts and each morning, I’ve taken to picking 2-4 tweets that resonate with me and retweeting them. After this I usually take the time to take meds, and get something to eat. I’ve never been a take meds first thing in the morning type of person. After that, everything really depends on what’s planned for the day.
The day depends on Melissa’s schedule, right now she’s here 3 days a week, but that will be changing soon. It also depends on how I’m feeling. If I’m having a bad headache at this point, I’ll usually turn on my radio streams and lay down. If I’m not I try to read from my ESV bible first before moving on to other things. Usually, this first part can take 1-2 hours, depending on how fast I am with email. I’m also on a lot of blindness related technology lists, and try to offer assistance where I can.

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