Quick update-y thing.

OK OK yeah. I’m derelict in my blogging duties! I blame my head. Yep…. yeah I do. My head, of all things. It’s been not wanting to cooperate with me and be free of aches for about 10 days now. Unfortunately this makes me not feel like doing much of anything, including blogging.
I was afraid to take too much Hydrocodone over time. I didn’t want it to build up in my system enough so that I’d end up overdosing. My mom told me to keep taking it though. Finally it’s working, along with the naproxin that I’m taking and the headache is on it’s way out! Oh, and I’m feeling like I can actually compose a coherent thought again, instead of just stringing together random words. That feels amazing!
Not only that but I’ve had some very deep conversations with God in the past few days. No, I wasn’t hallucinating. I didn’t believe God was going to come down and grab me. I didn’t even have any hallucinations like that. I’ve had evil ones when I had very bad headaches before.
For those who may not be able to understand, it’s as though you’re telling your deepest secrets to your best friend in the whole world. You feel completely free and uninhibited, so you say things you wouldn’t normally say.

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