Lecture list complete!

yeah, I finished the list of CCC lectures, which is easier for me than making a Christmas wishlist lol. the fact that none of my family, save for my sister, shops online makes that whole thing way, way too hard! It’s almost impossible, in fact.
For those who want to see the list, it’s right here. There are a lot of concurring lectures this time around. Over half of mine are concurrent.
On a somewhat related note, mom wants me to go to get Christmas bags for the kid’s gifts tomorrow. She also gave me the plans for Christmas eve, along with my grandma who I talked to while seeking information on how to cook a turkey, long story. My grandma says she won’t be here until 4 at the earliest on Monday, (blah, not this again!!) On top of that mom says we’re going to dinner Christmas eve. After they get here… around dinner time. Um… you and I both most likely know what that means. Knowing my grandma and her partner and with the issues they had last year, they probably won’t get here until around 5 or 6, anyway.
Last year we were having Christmas here, because parents and sister both lacked housing. I was on CET time, in preparation for CCC. This has happened since 2015, it’s a consistent thing. It happens every year now, you’d think my family could get it straight.
Unfortunately, they can’t seem to, which makes the pre-Christmas drama even worse. Grandma and her partner live 3 hours away so weather was an issue last year. However they didn’t decide that they were actually coming until the afternoon of Christmas. It takes them twice as long to drive anywhere because well… anyway, they didn’t end up getting here until right at the time I was supposed to be going to bed for the CET schedule. By then I was extremely tired, because I’d been up since 2:30 that morning as per the correct time, and it was an extremely exhausting day with kids everywhere. We still hadn’t eaten yet because we were waiting for them to get here. I asked if I could go to bed after I said hi, we ate etc. Of course mom said I had to wait until they left, which was a couple hours later. It was about 9:30 by then.

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