Unfortunately it’s over.

The part that I dislike most about CCC is the end. Not because they do bad endings or anything like that. It’s just because I never want it to end! Things got really, really crazy in Leipzig this year. If you were doing a Twitter search you probably saw most of it. I can’t say it wasn’t a whole lot of fun though, because it definitely was!
The past 4 days made the last week of the Christmas season enjoyable. That’s why I always call it the post-Christmas sanctum. I have to say that I probably needed it more than ever this year. There was way too much drama in my family leading up to Christmas. I feel like I’ve been on a trip, but I didn’t actually leave here. Of course I prepare like I’m going on a trip because everything is an entirely different timezone.
I actually developed my own recipe for Mochas during the Congress. The recipe goes like this. 16-20 ounces strongly brewed coffee. 7-10 chocolate kisses, either regular or hugs. I stir 2-3 kisses into the coffee at a time and test afterwards. You might not like as much chocolate as I do. I don’t use milk, cream, or anything like that. Just chocolate and coffee.
This happened because I accidentally put way, way too much coffee in the pot on day 1! Although stronger coffee makes for a better mocha.

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