Readjusting definitely isn’t fun!

I’ve actually been sick for the past couple days. I blame the headache meds that I have to take every 4 hours when I have an extremely bad headache. Thankfully this only happened on Christmas and the day after this year, unlike last year. I had a headache the entire time during CCC. It’s so not fun when that happens!
I ended up having a headache for the past couple days, so I took quite a bit of meds. Unfortunately I have residual gastritis, so when I take certain things it flare’s up like there’s no tomorrow. Seriously I thought I was about to deliver my small intestine. I was afraid I was going to have to take another post-congressional trip to the hospital, but despite the pain I was still able to keep water down.
I decided to order the groceries today because I wanted peppermint tea, and saltine crackers, which were things I didn’t have at the time. I also got some acid reducer, and that seemed to help a bit. I’ll be taking more when I go to bed.

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