My interesting weekend.

When I woke up Saturday morning, I used my phone to check the time. I had it in my hand as I was walking out of my bedroom. After that, I completely forgot where I put it. I pretty much looked everywhere I could think of. I asked Melissa to call the number. When she did she said it went straight to voicemail. Mom also called it earlier the next day and had the same thing happen.
Whatever, I don’t really, absolutely need it. The only problem is if my parents can’t call me, my mom freaks out. I posted on Facebook that I lost my phone. I rarely use Facebook, but in a situation like that I’d rather let everyone know yeah I can’t find the stupid phone right now, but everything else is fine. I posted that I lost it on Saturday, and again on Sunday morning that I still hadn’t found it yet. I knew if I was going to go to church I had to be down there waiting for the bus early, and that’s exactly what I did. After I got home, dad was waiting for me. He said he was here to find the phone.
He looked everywhere, he pretty much tore everything apart lol. He even looked in the trash! I knew I didn’t drop it in there. Just as he was about to leave, he opened the fridge. He came over to me and handed me an awfully cold phone! Apparently when I went to grab a water bottle, I set it down, and promptly forgot about it. What was strange is that it still had 33% of battery left.
I’ve since learned that this isn’t the case with some fridges, and it also depends on where you put your phone in the fridge, but the metal inside and around it can act as a Faraday cage. This will block all signals, and that’s exactly what happened in this case. I did put it back in there and have a service call it but it rang. I’m thinking it was in the door of the fridge, closer to the metal, and not the top shelf where I set it for my experiment.

Readjusting definitely isn’t fun!

I’ve actually been sick for the past couple days. I blame the headache meds that I have to take every 4 hours when I have an extremely bad headache. Thankfully this only happened on Christmas and the day after this year, unlike last year. I had a headache the entire time during CCC. It’s so not fun when that happens!
I ended up having a headache for the past couple days, so I took quite a bit of meds. Unfortunately I have residual gastritis, so when I take certain things it flare’s up like there’s no tomorrow. Seriously I thought I was about to deliver my small intestine. I was afraid I was going to have to take another post-congressional trip to the hospital, but despite the pain I was still able to keep water down.
I decided to order the groceries today because I wanted peppermint tea, and saltine crackers, which were things I didn’t have at the time. I also got some acid reducer, and that seemed to help a bit. I’ll be taking more when I go to bed.

Unfortunately it’s over.

The part that I dislike most about CCC is the end. Not because they do bad endings or anything like that. It’s just because I never want it to end! Things got really, really crazy in Leipzig this year. If you were doing a Twitter search you probably saw most of it. I can’t say it wasn’t a whole lot of fun though, because it definitely was!
The past 4 days made the last week of the Christmas season enjoyable. That’s why I always call it the post-Christmas sanctum. I have to say that I probably needed it more than ever this year. There was way too much drama in my family leading up to Christmas. I feel like I’ve been on a trip, but I didn’t actually leave here. Of course I prepare like I’m going on a trip because everything is an entirely different timezone.
I actually developed my own recipe for Mochas during the Congress. The recipe goes like this. 16-20 ounces strongly brewed coffee. 7-10 chocolate kisses, either regular or hugs. I stir 2-3 kisses into the coffee at a time and test afterwards. You might not like as much chocolate as I do. I don’t use milk, cream, or anything like that. Just chocolate and coffee.
This happened because I accidentally put way, way too much coffee in the pot on day 1! Although stronger coffee makes for a better mocha.

The epic turkey project is complete!

Yay! My 6 pound turkey is done, completely broken down, and it turned out epically! We also made stuffing and green bean Casarole. All that in just shy of a few hours.
Melissa thought she had one of those oven bags you use to cook the turkey in, but she didn’t. Mom sent dad over with one, and he got here around 9:30 this morning. The turkey went in around 12:30, and came out at 2:00 exactly! Mom said it would probably take an hour to an hour and a half, and she was right!
As for other plans for today, we’re going to dinner with Grandma and her partner in about an hour or so. After that, I’m literally coming home and going to bed! I’m on CET time and I did not sleep well for some reason last night. I think it’s because I was nervous for today, about how everything would turn out. This morning I helped host the Internet radio show and we were broadcasting Santa’s liftoff live. Play acting, also known as role play is hard for me. I’m generally a call it like it is, tell the truth in all circumstances, kind of person.
By the way I probably won’t have time to get back here and post tomorrow. Here’s wishing everyone reading this a Merry Christmas!

Lecture list complete!

yeah, I finished the list of CCC lectures, which is easier for me than making a Christmas wishlist lol. the fact that none of my family, save for my sister, shops online makes that whole thing way, way too hard! It’s almost impossible, in fact.
For those who want to see the list, it’s right here. There are a lot of concurring lectures this time around. Over half of mine are concurrent.
On a somewhat related note, mom wants me to go to get Christmas bags for the kid’s gifts tomorrow. She also gave me the plans for Christmas eve, along with my grandma who I talked to while seeking information on how to cook a turkey, long story. My grandma says she won’t be here until 4 at the earliest on Monday, (blah, not this again!!) On top of that mom says we’re going to dinner Christmas eve. After they get here… around dinner time. Um… you and I both most likely know what that means. Knowing my grandma and her partner and with the issues they had last year, they probably won’t get here until around 5 or 6, anyway.
Last year we were having Christmas here, because parents and sister both lacked housing. I was on CET time, in preparation for CCC. This has happened since 2015, it’s a consistent thing. It happens every year now, you’d think my family could get it straight.
Unfortunately, they can’t seem to, which makes the pre-Christmas drama even worse. Grandma and her partner live 3 hours away so weather was an issue last year. However they didn’t decide that they were actually coming until the afternoon of Christmas. It takes them twice as long to drive anywhere because well… anyway, they didn’t end up getting here until right at the time I was supposed to be going to bed for the CET schedule. By then I was extremely tired, because I’d been up since 2:30 that morning as per the correct time, and it was an extremely exhausting day with kids everywhere. We still hadn’t eaten yet because we were waiting for them to get here. I asked if I could go to bed after I said hi, we ate etc. Of course mom said I had to wait until they left, which was a couple hours later. It was about 9:30 by then.

We’ve entered the final countdown!

Yep, only 10 days left until the post-Christmas sanctum that is CCC! I’ll officially begin CET time preparations in 3 days, although I’ve already started, almost. I haven’t yet finished my list of lectures, but I hope to work on this tomorrow, and throughout the week.
Melissa is coming over Monday to make me a turkey breast and stuffing! I should have enough leftovers to last a couple days, at least. Problem is I need a meat thermometer before Monday! I’m sure mom has one, I’m also sure the answer is going to be, “it’s packed in storage.” OK, I just found meat thermometers on Instacart! Wow Safeway has almost everything, except Peanut Butter Explosion Fudge, but that’s another story lol.

It’s that time of year again, preparing for CCC.

Lol the time of year in which I attempt to observe CET time for 4 days just after Christmas. Since I do take time to prepare beforehand, this drives my family absolutely up the wall, and that’s definitely an understatement! The CCC (35C3) schedule has been released. I started my lecture planning yesterday morning before church, and got through all of the day 1 lectures. here’s a link to the schedule itself. here’s a Wikipedia article, about the event, which I call my 4-day post-Christmas sanctum. I should be able to finish the lecture planning sometime this week, barring any unforeseen headaches.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m about to rush off to my sister’s to enjoy the epicness that is Thanksgiving dinner, all cooked for me without having to witness any of the drama that goes with the entire process. Right now though, I just want to take the time to wish anyone who might be reading this a happy Thanksgiving.
I have to say that even though I got a massive headache and failed on the challenge part, I’m still thankful for blogging! After all these years, it’s still lots of fun!

Quick update-y thing.

OK OK yeah. I’m derelict in my blogging duties! I blame my head. Yep…. yeah I do. My head, of all things. It’s been not wanting to cooperate with me and be free of aches for about 10 days now. Unfortunately this makes me not feel like doing much of anything, including blogging.
I was afraid to take too much Hydrocodone over time. I didn’t want it to build up in my system enough so that I’d end up overdosing. My mom told me to keep taking it though. Finally it’s working, along with the naproxin that I’m taking and the headache is on it’s way out! Oh, and I’m feeling like I can actually compose a coherent thought again, instead of just stringing together random words. That feels amazing!
Not only that but I’ve had some very deep conversations with God in the past few days. No, I wasn’t hallucinating. I didn’t believe God was going to come down and grab me. I didn’t even have any hallucinations like that. I’ve had evil ones when I had very bad headaches before.
For those who may not be able to understand, it’s as though you’re telling your deepest secrets to your best friend in the whole world. You feel completely free and uninhibited, so you say things you wouldn’t normally say.

Instacart order success!

Yay! I finally did it! I finally ordered something from Instacart, instead of just window shopping. I actually ended up just getting what I’m going to need for the next recipe we’re making, which is simple enough to not have a recipe lol.
I couldn’t decide which extra stuff I wanted, and didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time looking at other stuff and having “I want everything!!” syndrome. Next time I should make a list so I know what to get ahead of time. As in not only which stuff I absolutely need to get, but also what stuff I want and/or think I can afford.
The experience was very quick. The shoppor was there within 20-30 minutes after ordering. It was only like 8 items this time though, so if there would’ve been more, it probably would’ve taken longer. The only slow thing was my lack of ability to make decisions about exactly which brand of items I wanted, shredded, grated, or shaved cheese etc. I’ll definitely be using Instacart again, and if we get Shipt here I’ll probably try that just to see how it goes.