I decorated my tree today.

My friend and her boyfriend came over to help put up my tree. After my friend’s boyfriend assembled the tree, I got to decorate it! I don’t think I could put that thing together without breaking it, plus it has lights on it that have to be tested every year. On Saturday, I’m going to my friend Kim’s work to help decorate their tree, and bake cookies with them. I’ll be doing my own baking next week, and the week after that. Tomorrow, I’ll be going to a funeral for someone in the healing rooms, I got to pray with him a little bit so I did kind of know him. He did stop coming around April of this year, which was a couple months after I officially started on the team.

I forgot to post last night.

Then again, I didn’t get to bed until like 1:20 this morning, but after I shut down, I realized that I forgot to post. At that point, it was way too late to go back and fix it, so I just skipped it. I was going to write this one 45 minutes ago, but I got distracted by well… Christmas music, of all things. My friend Kim sent me a link to a song done by Sellah, and I decided to look for other things, (they do a version of Oh Holy Night that’s almost the correct english version, and usually people don’t sing the correct english version, they either change the ending or sing the french lyrics.) Provided my friend and her boyfriend are feeling better than they were today when I called their house, we’ll probably be going grocery shopping tomorrow morning, and most likely we’ll be putting up my Christmas tree when we get back, so that will be fun!

I started my Christmas shopping today.

Yeah, I’ve actually started my Christmas shopping! I got to pay with Square for the first time. Square is a device that sellers can plut into the bottom of their phone, and it allows them to accept credit and debit cards. Mom response to this whole thing was,” and it doesn’t steal identities?” The person told my mom that she could only see the last 4 digits of my card number, of course I know that whether I’m using Square or paying in the grocery store, if someone really wants to steal my identity, well… they can.

Plans for tomorrow.

I’ll be going to the Christmas fair with mom, my sister, and a friend of there’s tomorrow. I think we’re supposed to meet the lady around 11 tomorrow morning, not sure how long we’ll be there. Why I said yes to this, I have no idea. Oh well, maybe I’ll actually start my Christmas shopping, (which I haven’t done yet.) I just hope we won’t be spending all day there, because usually I get tired of it after about 2-3 hours.

Today and yesterday.

I walked 30 minutes on the tredmill today. When I used to go to the Y with mom, we used to do a half hour on the tredmill, and the other half hour was strength training. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since wikileaks started releasing cables! 2 years ago yesterday, (that is.) A lot has happened in the last 2 years, and although they’ve gone by fast, they’ve also gone by really slow, (as in there’s been a lot of waiting for things.)

Answering a question.

Did you buy anything online during Cyber Monday? Did you get a deal? I didn’t buy anything online on Monday, or black Friday either. If I do any shopping, I usually do do it online. It doesn’t really matter if it’s Cybre Monday or black Friday, I stil buy a lot of my stuff online. I usually only go to the store a couple times near the end of the month, to get stocking stuff, or stuff for someone I don’t have a gift for. Via That’s my answer.

I went to my friend’s house today.

I went to her house to waok on her tredmill, and I’m going to start doing this on a regular basis. Because I offered to buy it from her and she said no, but she’ll take me to her house to use it. Yeah, I’m still up and I probably should be in bed, (lol.) I like staying up late, and getting up early for some reason, (although I didn’t get to sleep until like 1 or 2 last night, even though I got to bed around 12.) Hopefully that won’t happen again tonight though, because it wasn’t much fun. Oh yeah, I was able to walk on the tredmill for like 20 minutes, which is close to what we used to do at the Y, (a half hour.) I think I’ll get there fairly soon.

Yes no, yes no, yes no, oh… how about just no?

Lol, for skipping the newsletter that is. I couldn’t decide on whether I should do it or not, (I didn’t have any links ready at all, and I had a major headache yesterday,) so I decided to skip it for this weekend. I’ll get back to doing it next week though, (and hopefully I’ll be more prepared.) Mom, my sister, my dad, and my sister’s boyfriend went to get their trees today, while I was at church. Nothing much else went on today, and actually I wasn’t sure if I should skip the newsletter all this week. I couldn’t really decide, so finally I was just like oh well, it’s after 8… whatever.)

Plans for tomorrow.

We only have one service at church tomorrow morning, at 10:00. So when I called mom, and she asked if I wanted to go with them to cut down their Christmas tree at a friend of my sister’s boyfriend’s property at like 10 in the morning, I said no, both because I want to go to church tomorrow, and because I get to decorate my own Christmas tree!For those who don’t know, I have one of those fake, prelit trees that goes up every year, and comes down, (without any cutting to have to worry about, of course.) In past years we’ve gone to the tree lot, (like at WalMart or something,) but this year they’re actually going to cut the tree down. We used to do that when we were little, we would take a trip into the woods with a group of friends, and all come home with Christmas trees.

I didn’t go shopping today.

My mom and my sister probably did at some point, but I didn’t. Because I never usually do, (although I’d lie to once, just for fun.) I have ordered stuff online on Black Friday before, but I didn’t this year though. My mom paid me $150 of the $600 they owe me yesterday, and dad said he was going to give me some more money next week. I’m not sure when I’ll start my Christmas shopping, probably sometime in the next couple weeks or so. I think I already know what I’m getting my sister and my niece, I just need to figure out stuff for my mom, dad, and grandma.