Just to remind people I’m blogging for Samaritan’s Purse click here to pledge I would like to thank the following people: Kim Jen Kirasha Missy Tracey Ambrosia Susan Keri I sure hope I didn’t forget anyone! Thank you all!

Questions for answering

These are questions I’ve collected from around the web, (of course, you don’t have to answer any of them, it’s just for fun! I’ll anser mine too. What foods are on your “will not eat” list? Let’s see sushi, and squid, other than that I’m pretty open. What would you wait all day in line … [Read more…]

Answer’s to questions

OK will need to work a little on this one, so will be a bit late! Earlier, I posted some questions, and invited people to ask me anything. So, here’s the answers. Jaynee asks So you only HEAR your dreams? I would have thought that even a blind person has an “inner eye” of some … [Read more…]

Some questions

Here are some questions I’m commonly asked as a blind person: Do you dream? I do, but not in color, and I can’t see my dreams. How do you watch TV? I listen, (but I use the word watch.) How do you use a computer? With a screenreader, like I am right now! (It reads … [Read more…]

We have liftoff!

Woohoo! SO far, I’ve managed to raise $120, (thanks to everyone who pledged!) A list of links to come later, will come in the next post, as I’m trying to do 5000000 things at once now, (LOL! I’m blogging for Samaritan’s Purse. You might not recognize the charity name, but they’re the ones who do … [Read more…]

The final countdown!

So, we’re in the final countdown! Less than 2 days to go until blogathon starts! So far, I’ve raised $30, (woohoo!) So, I would like to thank the following people, (who have all sponsored me!) Jen Kirasha Ambrosia Missy Kim My friend and care provider, Linda for taking me places on the day before! Finally, … [Read more…]

this weekend

This weekend, my aunt is coming over, and we’re going rafting. I usually don’t like to do this, (because I usually don’t get to row,) but this time I’m going. I need to not forget to where my SPF like I did the last day of our vacation, LOL!