Happy Thanksgiving!

I forgot to post when I got back from my parent’s house earlier. I’m about to go to bed, so I just wanted to say that I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! Ours went well, I ended up uploading a picture to Facebook while I was at my parent’s house, (I was using my 3G data, and my Bluetooth keyboard,) and it took forever! We didn’t have any weird incidents with turkey, (like we have in years past,) so I’d say things went fairly well. We ate around 4, which is when we usually eat, (mom put the turkey in sometime between 12 and 1.)

Answering a question.

Have you ever been to the Macy’s Day parade? No I haven’t, but I’d like to get there someday, along with the NewYears eve ball drop. I do watch the parade every year though, and I’ll be watching it tomorrow, or as much as I can before I have to leave for my parent’s. Via that’s my answerI’m not sure what time I’ll be leaving tomorrow, but it will probably be around 12 or so, (hopefully.)

Mom got a new job.

My mom started work yesterday, she works part time for the hospital here, and I’m not really sure of everything she does. Part of it is going to imaging centers, (where they do scans and such,) and observing tests, so they know what to order, (I’m assuming she’s talking about prescriptions.) I asked her if she had to work on Thursday, (because, you know, starting a job is weird because sometimes you have to work all the holidays,) and she said no, she has Thursday and Friday off. In fact, can we just skip tomorrow and get right to Thursday? I’m looking forward to it very much! My grandma won’t be here this year, (she has different plans,) so it will be just us.

I need to go to bed!

So first I decided I was going to skip this post, then I changed my mind and decided against skipping it. I only did this after spending way too much time on Reddit, and realizing that I should probably get myself to bed so I don’t oversleep tomorrow morning. I didn’t send out my newsletter until like 6:30 tonight, because I ended up falling asleep after TWiT was over, then I woke up and was like crap, I still have to do the newsletter! Yay for procrastination I guess, but I like doing it around that time, as long as I don’t do what I did tonight, (lol!)

Blogger ate my post from last night!

Not the title or the label that is, but the body of the post. Because I had to go to the question site to find a question, copy and paste it in, then type my answer. That was all in there when I hit “publish” last night, but somehow it wasn’t there today. I’m not really sure why that happened, because I didn’t need to go back and fix the post or anything, but that’s what I had to do today. I never had anything like that happen with the old interface, (sure, there were times I accidentally hit “save” instead of “publish,” but that doesn’t seemm to be an option. If I would have hit “revert to draft,” everything would have disappeared. Of course only the body of the post was missing. Bleh, I’m not really a huge fan of the new Blogger.

Answering a question.

Are you participating in a Secret Santa or holiday gift exchange this year? I’m actually participating in a couple of them this year. The one with my family, (of course,) and the white elephant gift exchange for the healing rooms Christmas party. I suggested that we draw names in our family once, (because even though mom complains about Christmas being too expensive every year, she goes overboard all the time,) but they didn’t like my suggestion. I wanted to participated in the Reddit secret santa, but maybe next year. Via That’s my answer

I got my hair cut today.

I also got to eat fried chicken, rice, potato salad, and deviled eggs. My friend let me walk on her tredmill, I was on there for about 20 minutes before I was like I probably should get off now. Her boyfriend decided to try to teach me how to play guitar, but uh… I lack a lot of skill in that department. We got there around 3:30, and it must have taken her about an hour to cut my hair. Then we took turns with the tredmill while her boyfriend was cooking, of course we ate after that obviously. I brought my phone so she could take after pictures of my hair, I wouldn’t let her take before pictures, as they wouldn’t be worth posting.


I finally sent my Christmas list out today. I wanted to write: “I’m finally sending out this ridiculous thing! Oh and since I loaned my parents $600 for their property taxes, I won’t be starting my shopping until next month!” But I decided not to write that because well… the list went out to my momm, my grandma, and my sister. I’m just glad to get it sent out! Tomorrow, I’ll be going over to my friend’s house, so she can cut my hair. I think we’re going to do it around dinner time, and her and her boyfriend will be having me over for dinner.

Just one more thing…

I need to ad one more thing to my Christmas list before I send it out. The problem is, I can’t think of what that one more thing should be. I don’t usually have this much trouble making lists, but it’s different with this one. I can think of lots of things to put on the list, but I’m 99.9% sure I won’t get them, so that’s why I’m only sending 10 things instead of 20 this time. I know this, because I’ve put them on the list in the past, and not gotten them. But last year, I didn’t put a phone on the list, (even though I wanted one,) and I got a phone. When I told mom I wasn’t going to send a list she said, “you’re hard to buy for.” I obviously think it’s the other way around, she’s hard to buy for, because she never makes a list. I make a list, and I’m still “hard to buy for?” that doesn’t make any sense to me, but OK.

Today went well.

I prayed for like 3 people in the healing rooms today. What I also managed to do is deliver my testimony like a speech for the first time! I did have someone there to prompt me, just in case I got lost, but it flowed way more like a speech this time than it usually does. I told everyone that I won’t have it so easy next time, (lol, I’ll actually have to prepare a lesson,) instead of just altering something that was already written and using it.