Why did I do that?

OK, so I was streaming Twit Live, and I ended up falling asleep on the couch. OK that’s fine, I usually do that, but the wierd thing is that I woke up and couldn’t remember anything! I thought it was much later than it actually was, because I was like uh… why didn’t I go to bed? So I did exactly that for a half hour or so. Then I woke up and started to remember stuff again. Of course I failed to check what time it was before I decided I should probably go to bed.

I have to prepare a lesson for next month.

At the healing rooms lunchon we go to once a month, someone has to teach a 3-5 minute lesson. Well… next month it’s my turn, and I’m teaching on thankfulness, because I really didn’t know what else to teach on so they put me in November. I gathered scriptures for the lesson today, and I should prepare it so that I can deliver it 11/12. I’ll be sharing my testimony at the women’s mission on Saturday, and going over there to help hand out candy on Wednesday. I gave myself a typing test today, my commission counselor sent me some software so I could do this. It was either that, or head up to portland for a third assessment, (blech!) I haven’t sent in the results yet because I want to see if I can actually type faster, (I’ve never given myself a typing test before, and I didn’t really know what to type.)

Healing rooms went well today.

It was a fairly slow day today at healing rooms, I think we prayed for like 3 people. We had to leave early today, because the director, along with several others were going to a funeral. We ended up getting out around 12:30, but we had someone come in right at the end. So I ended up falling asleep during parts of the debate tonight, (seriously, I think it’s a tradition or something,) but CNN is replaying it. I’ve missed parts of debates for as long as I can remember, sometimes it’s just a couple minutes, sometimes it’s more, tonight it was probably about a half hour.

Today went well.I managed to get to church on time today for second service! It was interesting going to second service, I haven’t gone to that one in a while. I did forget to call the people who run the bus ministry and tell them to take me off the list, I probably should do that next week. Or I could just miss 3 times in a row, then they’ll take me off the list. Of course I’ll be going to healing rooms tomorrow morning.

I won’t be riding the bus tomorrow.

I’ll be going to church with the people that run the healing rooms tomorrow, instead of riding the bus. We’ll be going to second service, because they don’t go to first, (apparently, it’s too early for them.) The director called me this morning and asked if I needed a ride to the healing rooms, and I said I wasn’t ready, (because I’m not planning to go on Saturday mornings,) and he said “see you Monday, wait… no actually I’ll see you tomorrow.” I really don’t want to start going to Saturday healing rooms, I could be wrong, but doing it on a Saturday morning just seems a bit weird to me. I forgot to call and tell the people who run the bus to take me off the list, but I’ll probably see them tomorrow, (they go to second service,) so I’ll probably tell them then.


I had a headache all day today, so I didn’t really do much. I’ll send out the newsletter sometime tomorrow, (probably.) i probably should have written this post earlier today, but I didn’t for some reason. I was almost going to skip it, but I decided not to. I think I’ll click publish, and go to bed. That sounds like a good idea since I was falling asleep before I wrote this.

Answering a question.

What do you do to pass the time on a really long car ride? Usually nothing, although now I have the keyboard for my phone, so I can take that with me. Before that, definitely nothing. What makes this worse is that I have a hard time sleeping in the back seat of cars, (I can sort of sleep in the front seat,) but not the back seat. I also can’t sleep on planes, which makes flying wierd sometimes, although I enjoy flying way more than riding in a car! Via That’s my answer


I called CenturyLink yesterday, to ask them why they charged me 4 times. Of course they said they didn’t, I then had to explain to them that that was the reason my bank decided to flag my account. I was able to pay my bill over the phone, and it went through successfully, I’ll pay my Verizon bill sometime today, and we’ll see what happens there. I’m actually kind of glad the transactions failed, because I ended up copying mom’s data line number down wrong, so I would have been paying some guy’s bill for a while without noticing it. I had my assessment yesterday for my ensurance and other services I get through the state. Of course I don’t like answering a lot of questions and signing a lot of forms, but it all went fairly well, (I think.)

Uh… I think I need a better writing schedule…

Bleh, I can’t believe I skipped that many posts! I think the reason is that I always write late at night, and by then I want to just go to bed, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past couple nights. The bus to church ran late on Sunday… yes I said ran late. I waited outside for a half hour and it never came, so I came back up here and called the guy who runs the bus ministry and asked him what was up. He called the driver, and it turned out the driver was running about 45 minutes late. Every other weekend for the past 3 months, I’ve been having problems with the bus, so I mentioned that I need a reliable ride to church when I was at healing rooms yesterday, and the people who run it agreed to start picking me up. They go to second service, which really isn’t a problem, I don’t care which service I go to, as long as I get there. I’m sure if they ever can’t get to church for some reason, they’ll call me in advance so I can try and arrange something else, whereas if the bus just fails to come like it almost did on Sunday, I don’t get to church at all unless I can manage to arrange something for second service. I found out yesterday that the reason why my transactions were being declined is that for some ridiculous reason, CenturyLink decided to charge me 4 flippin times! I still need to call CenturyLink and get this straightened out, because now I get to redo all the things that were declined… yay! So my bank doesn’t hate me anymore, but I think it’s time to switch banks anyway.

Ready for bed.

I usually don’t get tired this early, but right now I’m like I should hurry up and get this done so I can go to bed. I’m hoping that I’ll make it to church tomorrow, and I think that as long as I’m careful and don’t miss the bus, that should happen. I did manage to send out the newsletter today, even though I really wasn’t ready to send it out. I didn’t have all my links together or anything. It didn’t take long to get everything ready though, and once that was all done, then I just had to put it all in the form.