Places I would like to go

Here are a list of places I would like to go

  • Washington D.C
  • Back to NYC
  • Florida again, (to watch a shuttle launch.)
  • Bakc to hawaii
  • Ittally
  • England I’m not sure which part, (maybe lundon?)
  • Canada

The places I’ve been

Not counting airports, here’s a list of the places I’ve been:

  • Maine
  • NYC
  • Hawaii
  • florida
  • San Fran Sisco only for a few hours, I want to go back.

Things I would like to do, that most people wouldnt

Don’t get me wrong, I wanna do some weird things, things that maybe people wouldn’t do. Here’s my list:

  • Try out one of those airline emergency slides
  • Serve jurry duty
  • Plan a wedding, (I’ve often said I wanted to be a wedding planner.)

The “favorite candy” list

Yeah, let’s face it, I love candy! Here are some of my favorites:

  • Reeses peanut butter cups
  • Reeses peaces
  • Chocolate covered gummy bears, (I know it’s a weird one.)
  • Air heads
  • Kit Kat
  • 100000 grand bars
  • Anything from sees candy!

The “I’m back from lunch” post

Actually I ate lunch fairly fast, but I needed to do a few other things, everything’s all done, cycling through check-ins, and catching up with email now.

The “lunch is done so I’m going to eat it” post!

Yeah, time for me to step away to have lunch. Be back in 30 Actually it will be sooner than that.

Questions for answering

These are questions I’ve collected from around the web, (of course, you don’t have to answer any of them, it’s just for fun! I’ll anser mine too.

  • What foods are on your “will not eat” list?
  • Let’s see sushi, and squid, other than that I’m pretty open.

  • What would you wait all day in line for?
  • Hmm, to buy an airplane, or something really cool like that, otherwise, nothing!

OK that’s it for now. Must! publish!

Answer’s to questions

OK will need to work a little on this one, so will be a bit late! Earlier, I posted some questions, and invited people to ask me anything. So, here’s the answers.

  • Jaynee asks So you only HEAR your dreams? I would have thought that even a blind person has an “inner eye” of some sort – meaning that you can still imagine what things look like, and thus incorporate those images into your dreams.
  • This one is hard to explain, I do have an inner eye for my thoughts, but I’ve never noticed me “seeing” while dreaming. I hear and feel everything, and I guess I just imagine things, but don’t know I’m doing it! I dreamed I got arrested once, I felt the police officer handcuf me, but I didn’t see what he looked like.

  • Lou asks What’s the most useful – or necessary – thing in a web page for someone using a screenreader?

Well, let me just start this one by saying that it’s a personal preference, and everyone navigates differently. But I would have to say the most useful and necissary thing is to label everything! Links, images, and flash! If I come across a link that I’m not sure what it is, I most likely won’t click on it. Tried my best to make this into a list, but it might not look that good.. Go ahead, keep it coming, (you can ask anything!) I’ll post a list of questions for anyone to answer in my next one!

the “adventures I want to try” list!

  • hang gliding
  • paragliding
  • scuba diving
  • surfing
  • Kite surfing
  • Flying an airplane