wooohoooo! Otherwise known as, it looks official!

yesterday, I told the guys at inerseshen that the neighbors would have to file a complaint against me if a certain thing happened at a certain event today. Well, from what this says, that certain thing happened at such event! It wasn’t quite clear from the live coverage I was watching of the Apple event, because twit live sort of glossed over that announcement, (or, they didn’t make it clear enough as to which Ipod was getting the screen reader.) It’s actually more than one, (the one that has a video camera, I believe, is also getting one.) So, I did my research, and a twitter follower tweeted a link to the page I’ve linked here. Yeah, apple already put a screen reader in the IPhone, but paying for a monthly data plan, (and a phone plan,) is extra-expensive. Because the Ipod touch has wi-fi built in, (mi-fi, anyone?) there are no data plans, (unless you want constant wi-fi everywhere, of course!) Which, well, I do! So, after the demonstrations come out for this, I will most likely be getting one! Oh yeah, I think I left my seat 3 times today! Much celibration ensued!

It’s been exactly a year…

Yep, it’s been exactly a year to the date since I went bungee jumping! I still have a link to the video, (since I uploaded it to viddler,) so here it is I still want to go again! I tried again this year, but the scheduling didn’t work out, (my parent’s were going to have to take me, my dad works in Washington, but it’s a different part of Washington, so an extra-long drive would have been in order.) I still hope to go again sometime!

7 quick takes 1

OK, I’ve never done 7 quick takes before, it’s a Friday thing, but I think I’m going to make it a Saturday thing here, (for now, anyway.)

  1. I’m overly glad I’m not using wordpress right now! it’s under attack! says Mashable and lots and lots of people on twitter!
  2. Regardless of weather people believe it’s accessible or not, I use google reader and love it! OK, granted, it’s a bit of an interesting beast, and I do have to put up with some excentricities once in a while, but overall, it works fairly well.
  3. I’ve come to believe over the years, that accessibility is fairly relative.
  4. I have absolutely no plans whatsoever for the holiday. Since I’ll be home anyway, it isn’t really a holiday to me, (I know, lots of people have it off, and it’s officially been proclaimed a holiday long ago, but it’s like, if I don’t go to school, days where there’s no school don’t really affect me, thus I tend to forget about them.
  5. I also have no plans for this weekend, thus, I’m staying home blogging on a Saturday.
  6. I was actually a bit cold when I got up this morning, I thought about making some hot tea, (which, obviously, I haven’t done for the whole summer.) I’m actually ready for fall to come!
  7. My parent’s decided that they would go camping for the labor day weekend, they also decided that they would leave me at home. I’m not in the same house as my parent’s, but still, I could have gone with them, (but it was supposed to rain all weekend where they’re going camping.) I’m a fall/winter person, but to me, rain and camping just don’t mix!

Thursday 13 4

Here are 13 of my favorite sites.

  1. Google reader I’m an RSS fan! google reader helps with that.
  2. twitter Although I use twitter from a client interface now, I still love it!
  3. 43 things Cool site for keeping a list of goals!
  4. blogger for blogging, of course!
  5. posterous for helping with blogging, I use mine to post links I like my posterous site is: here
  6. bit.ly for URL shortening, (mostly for twitter.)
  7. Likaholix Like friend feed, but for things you like, (and much less cluttered!)
  8. http://live.twit.tv TWiT live
  9. twit.tv TWiT, (which I’m a huge fan of!)
  10. toluu for sharing RSS feeds with others, and finding new ones!
  11. instapaper for saving links for later.
  12. a tiny thread for simple conversation!
  13. diigo for social bookmarking.

Thursday 13 3

I switched from wordpress to blogger a couple months ago, here are 13 reasons why I like blogger better.

  1. It’s stable and reliable, (if I made any small change to anything on wordpress, chances are that it would break, and even when I went to fix whatever was broken, sometimes it would still be broken after I was done with it!
  2. It uses my google account, so I don’t have to remember a long and random password that wordpress would give me, (when I lost the password, I would have to reinstall again!)
  3. It’s fast!
  4. After 10 years, (Blogger turned 10 on Sunday,) they’re still developing it!
  5. It’s simple, in the 2 months I’ve been using it, I haven’t had a single problem with it!
  6. It’s flexible, you can put just about anything on a blog, (you can with wordpress too, but you might have to modify something else, and thus the whole breaking thing!)
  7. There are widgets, (and I love widgets!)
  8. Lots of features, and they’re releasing more all the time!
  9. It integrates with google reader seemlessly! They’ve made it integrate more with the new send to feature in google reader.
  10. You can just pick a template and go, no downloading, extracting and installing wordpress themes.
  11. It’s the same way with widgets, you just add them, no downloading, extracting or installing.
  12. It’s up all the time, or it appears to be anyway, I’ve never had it crash on me, even while posting every half hour for 24 hours!
  13. Google owns it, what can I say? It’s good!

I used wordpress for 3 years, before I started using blogger, it’s not a bad thing, I just like blogger better!

It’s the obligatory birthday post!

Yep, I turn 26 today! I’m going out to dinner tonight to celibrate. I went horseback riding today, at my friend, (and job developer’s) house! It was a lot of fun! She started out leading the horse with a rope, then she brought out her other horse, and tied them both together. I rode one, and she rode the other. Other than that, I haven’t done too much today, accept boycott inerseshen Oh, wait, no, I’m not actually litterally boycotting, I’ll be back there on Thursday! But I was for today, just because it was my birthday.

Audiotweet with twitwoop

http://twitwoop.com is a new site that will let you send tweets via a
phone! You call a number, record a voice message, and twitwoop sends
it to twitter! They will also tweet a link to the message for you, so
your followers know that you left one. I tried twitwoop for the first time today! here’s my test twitwoop!

Thursday 13 2

My birthday is on Tuesday, so I thought I would write 13 things that would have been on my birthday wishlist, (if I would have written it.)

  1. An IPhone 3gs, (the newest one,) the newest version of the IPhone has a screen reader built in!
  2. A new desktop system, because mine is out of commission, (and it has been for like 3 months now.)
  3. A netbook, (yeah, one of those ultra-small computers that you can take anywhere.)
  4. A mi-fi from verizon or sprint, (it’s a small wi-fi device that you can carry in your bag, you press a button, and you have wi-fi!)
  5. A kindle, but I can’t have one of these, until amazon makes it fully accessible, (I hope they will soon!)
  6. A skydive or bungee jump, (I went bungee jumping last year, and was supposed to go again this year, but I’m not going to.) I was supposed to go skydiving with my mom and some people from her work, but I decided not to go because of a scheduling conflict, and she didn’t go anyway.
  7. A trip to Trader Joes, I’ve been wanting to go for a while, but the closest one we have is at best an hour away.
  8. A new backpack for my laptop.
  9. Something from candy.com or Sees candy but then again, I’ll definitely take anything from those 2 sites anytime!
  10. An audible.com subscription
  11. A new computer chair, oh wait… I have one at inerseshen
  12. A cake, I probably won’t get one though, because I haven’t baked one yet!
  13. I’ve officially run out of things, well, I guess that’s what I get for wishing for too much!

Yeah, I know, I probably won’t get anything on this list, it was either this, or 13 reasons why I love blogger, but I’ll probably do that one next week!

My google reader shared items

I’ve been playing around with google reader all day, (testing some of the new features.) I finally set up a shared items feed! I love google reader! I’m having a problem with the send to feature, but I suppose that’s to be expected, because it’s still beta-ish, yes… I said beta-ish. I’m not even sure if it’s a beta, but it just launched last week, LOL! Here’s my shared items feed linky: http://www.google.com/reader/shared/born2fly83 Yep, I had to create a google profile, and yes, google wanted to make my gmail address public by using it in the URL, the only other choice was an extremely long number that I wouldn’t have been able to remember.

Thursday 13 1

OK, so this isn’t my 1st Thursday 13, but it’s my first in a long time, (and since I moved my blog from wordpress to blogger.) So, here are 13 random things about me:

  1. I’m a list lover! But that should be obvious, since I’m doing this.
  2. I’m a big TWiT and TWiT live fan.
  3. I’m almost always late for things, the weird thing is, I can’t stand being late!
  4. I break lots of things! Usually not on purpose, but it does happen a lot.
  5. this is why after 3 years, I switched my blog from wordpress to blogger.
  6. I love taking online quizzes, I’m also a survey and meme fan!
  7. I love coffee, but quit in 2007, I only drink coffee when I’m away from my house now.
  8. My birthday is coming up in 12 days, I have no idea what I want yet.
  9. I like ading widgets to this blog, (oh, wait, I like widgets in general!)
  10. I went bungee jumping last year, and I’m hoping to do it again!
  11. I’ve also been skydiving twice.
  12. I’m an RSS junky! (I have like 70 feeds in google reader right now!)
  13. I love finding cool websites, and trying them out!