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30 lists 30.

I’m just going to list a few things about the past 30 days. 1. Making a list every day is hard, even though I really like making lists, it’s still really hard! 2. I actually started this thing on April 1st, so technically it’s been way more than 30 days. 3. Of course getting that

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30 lists 29.

Thoughts in list form. 1. I’m actually ready for tomorrow to be day 30, because finishing something that I should have finished last month is just weird. 2. My caregiver and I went to Wal-Mart. 3. We went to Wal-Mart because I didn’t need anything at the grocery store, (I did need some cleaning supplies

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30 lists 28.

Weirdest things I’ve woken up to. 1. A 3 AM landline call from my parents in which no one said anything. I had to call them back to make sure everyone was OK, (turns out mom’s phone was just being strange.) 2. The morning after Blogathon 2009, I woek up to the church bus driver

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30 lists 27.

Things I like to have with me, (and make sure I’ve done,) before I go on a trip. 1. A way to access the internet, whether that’s via a laptop or my phone. 2. If it’s via my phone, then I need to bring my Bluetooth keyboard, and the earbuds that go with the phone,

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30 lists 26.

Things I’ve done so far this year. 1. Celebrated my niece’s first birthday. 2. Shared my testimony at the women’s shelter where my friend works. 3. Switch both my blogs to Tumblr. 4. Let my caregiver go and started with a new one.

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