Simple Blogging: day 18.

OK I’m just going to get right to the topic. Don’t rely on the stats your host gives you. Well, you shouldn’t completely rely on them anyway. Especially if there isn’t a way to ignore your own views, and Blogger doesn’t have this. I’m sure half the views it’s giving me are my own. Since … [Read more…]

Simple Blogging: day 17

Blah, I’m 4 days behind. How did I let myself get 4 days behind? Usually I don’t do this to myself, as I have a certain theory about challenges. Oh hey, maybe I’ll use that to take on the topic of challenges in general! Blog challenges are lots of fun! It’s especially fun getting to … [Read more…]

Simple Blogging: day 15

Ok, so something short and fun, because I’m in charge of getting myself to church in the morning, laptop in hand, so I can demonstrate for the Sunday school kids tomorrow! Make lots of lists! Lol OK, I’m not talking about list posts this time, (unless you want to post these ones.) I have a … [Read more…]

Simple Blogging: day 12.

Yeah, I promise I’ll get semi-caught up with this thing in the next 2-3 days. I’ve been sick over the past week, and the last thing you want to do when you’re sick is write posts! I’m going to write this one, then another one about the events over the past couple days, (because things … [Read more…]

Simple Blogging: day 11.

I’m actually going to cheat and talk about 2 topics in one post this time, because they both go together. I might do this one other time in the series, (maybe I’ll even do it again tomorrow!) Don’t use slideshows for list posts. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t hate those things! Not only that, … [Read more…]

Simple Blogging: day 7.

OK, so I’m really behind. I’m also sick, which doesn’t help matters! I’m going to write days 7 and 8 tonight, and days 9 and 10 tomorrow. Then I should be caught up again, (hopefully!) Since I need to write 2 of these and I’d like to go to bed sometime tonight, (it’s only 9:25 … [Read more…]

Simple Blogging day 6.

Tonight I’m just going to get right to the topic, because I’m otherwise distracted, and have other things to attend to. Backup your blog regularly. Well, that is if you want to keep your content around and survive blog migrations, you should probably backup your blog. This doesn’t just mean the text of your posts, … [Read more…]

Simple Blogging day 5.

Oh look, I can actually write in sequence, and not skip the post! Lol maybe I should keep this up for the rest of the challenge. Sometimes, I wonder what’s going on in the apartment across the way, people go in and out this late at night, it’s around 10:15 pacific time here as I … [Read more…]

Simple Blogging day 4.

Now we can talk about commenting systems! Use disqus. OK yeah, that should probably be rephrased, when I was writing the topics for the series throughout the year though, that’s what I came up with. I’m not imploring you to use Disqus as it sounds. What I’m saying is, I think it’s best that you … [Read more…]

I start 31 days tomorrow!

I actually have all the topics written out for this one, and even some extras just in case! I’ve been blogging for 13 years this year, so I’ve decided to do 31 things I’ve learned from blogging since 2003. Here’s where I insert the legal disclaimer: this probably won’t be like everything you read out … [Read more…]

Strange questions.

So I was going to make this a Thursday lister post, but I’m not sure if I can think of enough things to actually make a list. I was also going to call this post “questions I don’t particularly like answering,” then I realized these are just obvious questions. These are strange “how do you” … [Read more…]