Day 6: web access.

How accessible are websites to you? What can developers do to make their sites more accessible? Let me just start out by saying that accessibility is completely relative! It might be accessible to me, but inaccessible to someone who’s only been using a screen reader for a few months, I’ve been using them since about … [Read more…]

Day 5: reading.

So I was actually going to answer a question that would have went nicely with yesterday’s post. However it would have taken a much longer answer from me, instead I’ll answer this question, and save that one for another day, (probably tomorrow.) Do you read braille? People often ask how I read etc. I’m able … [Read more…]

Day 3: watching TV.

One of the most common questions people ask, besides the first 2 is the following: How do you watch TV? Let’s get the obvious answer out of the way first. I listen, so I can watch TV when I’m in bed etc, without a problem. Although I don’t watch much TV these days, (using the … [Read more…]