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Day 3: watching TV.

One of the most common questions people ask, besides the first 2 is the following: How do you watch TV? Let’s get the obvious answer out of the way first. I listen, so I can watch TV when I’m in bed etc, without a problem. Although I don’t watch much TV these days, (using the

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Day 2: we all have dreams.

Do you dtream? How do you dtream? First of all I don’t know anyone who doesn’t dream, but maybe there are people who don’t. So yeah, I do have dreams. I don’t see in my dreams though, so I dream in words. In other words, I hear everything that’s going on around me, (just like

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Day 1: what exactly can I see?

So let’s start with the written question in it’s entirety What can you see? Is it like seeing black all the time? Do you have any light perception? Can you see shadows? It’s a multi-part question because I wanted to get this one done all at once, so that I didn’t have to come back

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31 days of questions and there answers.

I’m going to be participating in the 31 day blogging challenge. If they’ll let me because I don’t use image links, (I don’t make images!) I’m going to be answering 31 common questions sighted people ask me, (as a blind person. The questions are prepared, (because I didn’t want to try to have to think

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