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A is for adventure.

I’m starting the #atozchallenge today. It’s a blogging challenge where you post something from A to Z each day. Although I have several things for each letter, so I’ll probably be doing multiple posts. Apparently we’re supposed to not post on Sundays. Well I’ll be breaking that rule because like I said I have several

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Lessons and reflections over the past couple weeks or so.

I’m going to backdate this post for Saturday, because I skipped that day. However, it’s completely updated. “Productive and funfilled days, peaceful, restful nights.” I know, I know, it’s almost the same as “idol hands do the devil’s work.” Sometimes, when you have an extremely bad headache though, you can’t do a whole lot. I

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Back home!

I got back home about an hour and a half ago. my Aunt and uncle wanted to see my apartment so we brought them up here and mom and my aunt swept off the deck which Melissa wouldn’t do! We got to see mom’s new shop earlier today. We had a bit of fun on

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Today was long and strange.

We watched that Terraforming DVD today at healing rooms. The first thing I notice, (and the guy who brings me noticed it too,) was that there were very few references to scripture. I think they only quoted scripture like twice, maybe 3 times. OK, so maybe they don’t have to recite verses every 30 seconds,

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Texting is fun!

I got my iPhone activated at verizon today! I learned how to text first, and that’s been probably the most fun thing I’ve done in a while. I’ve been asking/telling siri all day. I asked her “where are you?” She said, “it’s classified.” I just laughed outloud because I so didn’t expect that. I’ve been

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