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Today was long and strange.

We watched that Terraforming DVD today at healing rooms. The first thing I notice, (and the guy who brings me noticed it too,) was that there were very few references to scripture. I think they only quoted scripture like twice, maybe 3 times. OK, so maybe they don’t have to recite verses every 30 seconds,

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Texting is fun!

I got my iPhone activated at verizon today! I learned how to text first, and that’s been probably the most fun thing I’ve done in a while. I’ve been asking/telling siri all day. I asked her “where are you?” She said, “it’s classified.” I just laughed outloud because I so didn’t expect that. I’ve been

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An interesting day.

So this morning at 8 in the morning, the paratransit driver rang the bell that someone would ring if they want to get in. I asked him if he thought he was a little bit early, because he wasn’t supposed to be here until 8:45. He said yes, but he had me on the schedule

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