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I missed it!

So I was actually going to get up early today, to watch the last shuttle launch. I didn’t end up getting up until about 7:30 though, and I completely forgot the reason why I was getting up early in the first place. I actually wasn’t sure what time it was supposed to launch, but the

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I had fun today!

So yeah I skipped Saturday 7 yesterday, then I was going to do it today, (well, a Sunday version of it, because I’ve actually done that once before.) I didn’t realize I’d be gone all day today, after church my friend and I went to the lake for a picnic with her husband, his brother,

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My day.

So I’m still not ready for weekly links, hopefully I’ll be ready before next Monday, otherwise there will be a few extra links. My day started out pretty normal, (although I ended up getting up just before 4 this morning.) When it was time to wait for paratransit, I waited and waited, then I finally

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Yesterday at the VA.

So my day was pretty uneventful yesterday, I folded and stuffed envelopes until it was time to leave. Paratransit was late picking me up, (again,) because they sent the driver on another pickup before me. When it was time to leave, the driver, the lady that was riding with us that day for training, and

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Answering a question.

A question from that’s my answerHow adventurous are you? I’m pretty adventurous, I’m willing to try everything once. If I liked what I did, I’ll probably do it a 2nd or 3rd time. I went skydiving and bungee jumping, both of which I did twice, and I’d like to do them again! I also have

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Yesterday, my friend from church, her boyfriend and I all went out on his boat. It was like a 2nd birthday thing for me. We also got to go swimming! After the boat ride, we came back to my friend’s house and had a really, really big dinner! It was really flippin good! We had

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