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I guess I’m taking a break from Twitter.

Not an intentional one, but I’ve lost convenient access to Twitter because for some reason, all 3 clients I had installed didn’t want to work. Chicken Nugget was being a huge pain, and kept making me reauthorize accounts. Then there’s TWBlue, which just isn’t wanting to update tweets at all. In a last-ditched attempt to

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Audiomo started yesterday.

I’m participating this year. I’ve decided to start using Soundcloud. So far, it’s worked out well. For now, I’m just going to share the links to my first 2 posts, eventually, I’ll figure out how to embed SoundCloud tracks into WP. I’m sure there’s a plugin that will do it, I just haven’t looked it

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Things I learned from participating in Audiomo.

Here are a few things I’ve learned while participating in Audiomo this year. The combination of Meerkat and Katch didn’t work that well. Katch wouldn’t process the streams in enough time for me to upload them as mp3s for Audiomo, and it would end up processing them at like 3 in the morning. Not everyone

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Audiomo day 29.

I talk about packing, and how much of a pain in the rear my mother was being today during this recording for Audiomo day 29.

Audiomo day 28.

I talk about today being PRTT, (pen register trap and trace,) day, and me starting my 101 in 1001 list at the end of 38 days, (on 8/5/2015.) Lol, I originally wrote 8/5/2013, (that’s the wrong 38 day period!)

Audiomo day 26.

I instruct people how to watch Meerkat streams, and talk about receiving my Elliptical in this post for the 26th day of Audiomo.

Audiomo 25

I talk about the things we get rid of when we move in this recording for day 25 of Audiomo.

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