I guess I’m taking a break from Twitter.

Not an intentional one, but I’ve lost convenient access to Twitter because for some reason, all 3 clients I had installed didn’t want to work. Chicken Nugget was being a huge pain, and kept making me reauthorize accounts. Then there’s TWBlue, which just isn’t wanting to update tweets at all. In a last-ditched attempt to … [Read more…]

Audiomo day 28.

I talk about today being PRTT, (pen register trap and trace,) day, and me starting my 101 in 1001 list at the end of 38 days, (on 8/5/2015.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pen_register Lol, I originally wrote 8/5/2013, (that’s the wrong 38 day period!)

Audiomo day 19.

I talk about the fact that my rental application was approved, my successful credit card application, rescheduling Linkday, and live streaming apps in this post for the 19th day of Audiomo.