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A challenge ends, and another begins.

I’ve really enjoyed participating in Blog Everyday in May, (BEDM!) I think I managed to post 27 out of 31 days, (although I did post twice one of the days to make up.) I’m not sure how many days I posted on my linkblog. However, I got to 37 posts, which is better than I’ve

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Sunset is my word of the week!

OK there were a lot of words to pick from this week! Planning was definitely one of them, as I’m still working on Linkday! However, I decided on sunset! I picked sunset because tomorrow the senate will reconvene to decide whether 3 patriot act provisions will expire, whether they wil reauthorize them cleanly, or whether

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My trip to urgent care.

I went to urgent care today, because I haven’t slept for the past 2-3 nights. The person who saw me wasn’t a doctor, but a PA. She said that if I wanted to taper off the antidepressants, that was up to me, but that’s probably what’s causing the insomnia. I decided to start weaning myself

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I missed church today.

We were only going to have one service today at church. No 9:00 service, classes or Sunday school. I decided that since I hadn’t slept for like 5 nights, that I would skip the service today. I was going to live stream it, but they didn’t have the live stream running today, (since it was

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Sleep is my word of the week.

Simply because I haven’t been getting very much of it lately. For the last 2 nights, I really didn’t sleep at all. This is the period of time, in the couple months before I stay up to do my 24 hour events, in which my body plays not-so-nice tricks on me! The problem is, if

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