Yesterday we went out to dinner to celebrate my sister’s birthday and father’s day. We ended up going to pizza around 5:30 last night. I say around 5:30, because it was actually closer to 5. I was in the middle of getting ready, (at almost 5:00 exactly, when I got a call from dad saying … [Read more…]

Happy birthday to me!

I turned 31 today. I actually didn’t do too much, I went out to dinner with my family, and brought home 2 bags of Chinese leftovers. I didn’t go to Prayer Seeker’s Café today, because I decided that I didn’t really want to go on my birthday. Otherwise, I spent most of the day responding … [Read more…]

Happy birthday to my sister!

Today’s my sister’s birthday. I thought we were going to do the traditional going out to dinner birthday celebration tonight, but we’re doing it on Friday instead. She had a busy weekend preparing her house for extermination on Monday, so she was really tired today. I already have her gift and card ready, as I … [Read more…]

Happy birthday to my dad!

Today’s my dad’s birthday! We didn’t go out to dinner tonight, we’re waiting until the weekend to do that. It’s hard for my sister to do that during the weeknight with my niece, so she wanted us to wait until the weekend. My caregiver made Macaroni and cheese today, (from scratch,) unlike 2 weeks ago … [Read more…]

Happy birthday to Mark!

Today’s my friend Mark’s birthday! Yeah, his birthday is a day after April fools day. We have this tradition where we send songs to each other on our birthdays, instead of sending cards, (because I don’t like cards, and songs are more fun.) Last year, I was supposed to send one, but I had just … [Read more…]

Today at healing rooms, and other stuff.

We didn’t pray for anyone at healing rooms today. This happens once in a while, it was good though because we talked about a lot of different things. Terraforming wasn’t included this time, (although it’s always just below the surface.) I ordered my niece’s birthday gifts today, she’ll be turning 1 on April 5th, (and … [Read more…]

Happy Father’s day.

I just want to take the moment to wish anyone reading, (if there are dads reading,) a happy Father’s Day! Today was good, because it was also my sister’s birthday! So we had a Father’s Day and birthday dinner at my parent’s house tonight, complete with birthday cake! There were actually 2 cakes, because my … [Read more…]

It’s Friday!

Not too much went on here today. I just discovered that I only have one working speaker though, and I’ve only had these things for about 4 months! Uh… I might be taking a trip to staples sometime next week, this isn’t exactly how I want things to work. I had a weird dream last … [Read more…]