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Almost church time.

I have exactly a half hour to get ready for church, I tend to put these things off until the last minute. Although I’ve already taken a shower, but I’m not dressed yet, (still in pajamas.) We did go to pizza for dad’s birthday last night, but I’m not a fan of the place we

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Saturday 7 35

So, I was actually going to do something interesting for Saturday 7 this week, and see if I could find a 7 question survey thingy. But… um… do you think I could find a survey with only 7 questions? No way! So here’s the boring and predictable 7 random things. I wish more people would

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Happy birhtday to my mom!

Today’s mom’s birthday! I know what she’s getting, and it’s something I want! Don’t worry, I’m not going to say anything here. But I did tweet it a couple weeks ago when I found out. I’m not sure if we’re doing anything, we usually go to dinner on birthdays, but my parents are leaving on

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Happy birthdday to… blogger!

Yep, today’s blogger’s 11th birthday! Yay! I was just reading blogger buzz, and blogger stats are out of draft now! Yay! they’re even having parties. Although I won’t be attending, I love blogger! Yep, I’m a huge fan!

Happy birthday to my sister!

My sister’s birthday is today! I called her earlier to wish her a happy birthday. Apparently, I called her too late though, because dad called me, and was like, “did you call your sister, and wish her a happy birthday?” Obviously, I knew it was her birthday, and I didn’t really like, (or need,) the

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Happy birthday, mom!

Yep, today’s my mom’s birthday, and yep, I didn’t remember until this afternoon, when I was sitting in the chiropractor’s office! Someone said “it’s September 29th!” I was like, “oh crap! I forgot that today is mom’s birthday!” I just happened to have my cell phone with me, (which doesn’t usually happen,) so I called

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