Papers, papers everywhere!

Lol well not exactly papers everywhere! Although it seems like there are papers everywhere if you look in my insurance files. As of 4/1, I now have Medicare. This means I also have one of those supplemental plan thingies for my prescriptions, (managed care in my case.) I also still have insurance with my state. … [Read more…]

Computer fan hilarity.

A friend of mine had PC fan failure recently. She described it as “a loud grinding sound.” Usually, when fans fail, they sound more like jet engines about to take off. OK OK, they sound like they’re about to explode and I suppose you could describe that as somewhat of a grinding sound. Usually, it’s … [Read more…]

Testing Blogger.

I imported the contents of my linkblog into a Blogger blog today, just to see how things would work. It actually went fairly well, once I found out that Blogger doesn’t take WP export files, and you have to convert them to Blogger ones. There’s actually a service that does this! You can probably … [Read more…]

I did it!

I got the Thursday Lister blog up and running last night! It’s right here. Yeah, I’m using Blogger for this. IN IE, Blogger works perfectly! I haven’t used Blogger in 3 years, and the last time I left there were issues, so I’m glad everything’s working now. Anyway, I have an extremely bad headache, and … [Read more…]

Deligation is happening.

There should be a nurse coming out here hopefully sometime soon to go ahead with the injection training. This means that I’ll be starting growth hormone injections soon, (probably either this week or next, depending on how long the referral from the state takes.) When my doctor put me on them, she said “they work … [Read more…]

The package came today.

A package of syringes came today, around 2:30. I was actually afraid it wasn’t going to get here in time. Lol Melissa saw the package, which said “refridgerate upon arrival,” and she said “this should be interesting to refridgerate.” I was like “you don’t have to put the whole thing in the fridge, we should … [Read more…]