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Long day.

I just got back from the VA, this morning I went to the chiropractor. I did manage to get everything done there that needed to be done, while signing much stuff in the process. Not sure when I’ll be starting there. But all the paperwork is done… well… that I know of, anyway.

The midnight call.

Yep, someone called me at midnight last night. A couple days ago, I dropped my home phone and broke the battery, I’ve been using my cell phone since then. I did get a new phone yesterday, it’s charging right now. But either someone got the wrong number, or someone called me for some strange reason

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I got my hair cut today.

Well sort of anyway, it’s still sort of too long. The sides are way too long, normally when I get my hair cut the sides don’t hit my neck constantly, but that’s what they’re doing. Yeah, needless to say I’m not really happy with the result of this. But I’m still excited for CES! I

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CES week, and other random things.

It’s CES week! I get really, really excited about CES week! For the 2nd year in a row, twit live will be there to cover the whole thing. They did an amazing job last year, and this year will most likely be better! I get to go grocery shopping today, although it was supposed to

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Blog 365

There used to be this thing called blog 365, where you tried to blog every single day for a year. As far as I know, the site doesn’t exist anymore, but I’d still like to give it a try. So, starting 1/1/2011, I’m going to try and blog every day… for the whole year! I’m

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