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Recapping Blogathon 2013.

At first I didn’t think I needed to write a recap post for this one, but I decided to because there are some things I learned, (some things I wish I would have done,) and that infamous singing thing that I probably really do need to explain. I’d also like to again thank my mom,

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This is the end.

So, my 7th Blogathon is complete! I would of course like to thank the people who are and/or will be donating to the Dream Center, I’ve managed to raise $75 so far. Mom and Grandma are both donating $25, Kim is donating $20, and Ron is donating $5. Because of the issues with PayPal these

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Last set of questions before the end.

Because I haven’t done very many of these, and because I like answering questions, I’m going to make the post before the last one a list of questions. 1. Do you eat breakfast daily? Yeah, I usually do, unless I’m in a hurry to get somewhere. 2. What is your favourite time of day? (Why?)

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This is a way better version…

This is definitely a better version of the song I sang, than the way I just sang it, and it’s the full song:[youtube]This will be posted at 4:50 AM.Blogging for:RoseburgDreamCenterTo donate online, you must have an active PayPal account that already contains funds. Or, you can send checks to:Roseburg Dream Center747 SE Mosher AVE, Roseburg

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Things flying through my mind.

1. Oh crap, I forgot to record the next audioboo! 2. Oh yeah, I wasn’t going to do that until 3:00 anyway. 3. If I could just post one more link on my linkblog, I could get to 20 for today, yeah… that’s completely unrelated to anything, except for something fun I was trying to

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I’m going to list…

5 windows open on your computer right now, (if you have 5.) 1. This one, which is the Tumblr bookmarklet, which I’m using to post. 2. The questions file, that I took this list from. 3. Tumblr, for some reason. Not the posting window, just the site itself. 4. The text file with my signature

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