Testing Blogger.

I imported the contents of my linkblog into a Blogger blog today, just to see how things would work. It actually went fairly well, once I found out that Blogger doesn’t take WP export files, and you have to convert them to Blogger ones. There’s actually a service that does this! http://wordpress2blogger1.appspot.com You can probably … [Read more…]

I did it!

I got the Thursday Lister blog up and running last night! It’s right here. Yeah, I’m using Blogger for this. IN IE, Blogger works perfectly! I haven’t used Blogger in 3 years, and the last time I left there were issues, so I’m glad everything’s working now. Anyway, I have an extremely bad headache, and … [Read more…]

All switched!

I pointed my domain to tumblr today, and I also redirected my RSS feed. This means that I can delete the blogger blog that’s on my Google apps account, which I’ll probably end up doing sometime soon. I’m really not a huge fan of Blogger’s new interface, as it’s harder to change settings, etc. I’m … [Read more…]