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I didn’t really do much today. I did however switch my RSS a couple days ago, as it was acting up. the new feed is right here. I did set Blogger up to redirect to both here and my other blog, but I’m not sure if it’s working.

Switching back… again!

So I’ve decided after having issues with both Tumblr and Posterous, that I’ll be coming back to Blogger. I’ll be bringing my linkblog over with me, as I created a blog to test how that would work this morning, and once I found what I needed it worked flawlessly! To be honest I’m not quite

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My personal blog is now on tumblr!

Until I get pointing to the right place, this is the address for my blog: I’m hoping to do the domain pointing stuff either real quick-like before I leave for the evening healing rooms, or maybe I’ll do it after I get back. I was having problems creating a second Tumblr account earlier,

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A couple things.

I was actually going to make a list out of this post, but I don’t think I have enough things to make a list out of. I just realized this morning that Blogger implemented comment replies ! This is good, although I’m not sure if I’ve gotten them to work that well yet. I’m actually glad

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That one woke me up.

I was watching the national news, (or the more appropriate discription is I fell asleep during the news,) when at the end they mentioned the Wikipedia blackout. I believe he said, “Wikipedia and other sites,” I was like uh… whoa, where did that come from? We’ve known about this for a week now, although Wikipedia

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