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Happy birthdday to… blogger!

Yep, today’s blogger’s 11th birthday! Yay! I was just reading blogger buzz, and blogger stats are out of draft now! Yay! they’re even having parties. Although I won’t be attending, I love blogger! Yep, I’m a huge fan!

A year ago today

I set up this blog a year ago today! I’ve been on Blogger for a year, and I still love it! I don’t think I’ll ever switch away from it, (I know, never say never,) but I’m still using it for now. The feature they’ve added that I really like in the past year? Pages!

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Blogger pages.

Today, blogger released a feature that I’ve been waiting for for a while! When I was on wordpress, they had this thing called pages, it’s like a post, but it’s a static page, (unless you decide to update it.) So, you can put stuf up there that doesn’t change often. I just made one with

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Thursday 13 3

I switched from wordpress to blogger a couple months ago, here are 13 reasons why I like blogger better. It’s stable and reliable, (if I made any small change to anything on wordpress, chances are that it would break, and even when I went to fix whatever was broken, sometimes it would still be broken

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